Build 2780April 15, 2021



Acronis Snap Deploy 6 is a comprehensive deployment solution that enables IT organizations to deploy or restore laptops and desktops quickly and easily. With version 6, the product offers enhancements and addresses issues found in the previous release.

What's new in Acronis Snap Deploy 6

  • Deployment over WiFi networks

    It is now possible to configure automatic connection of Acronis Snap Deploy 6 bootable media to WiFi networks and perform multicast and unicast deployments. The WiFi configuration is defined when creating the bootable media via Media Builder or right in the bootable media UI.

  • 64-bit architecture

    The product can be installed as native 64-bit application, thus ensuring compatibility with Acronis Cyber Protect 15 and Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: you can install components altogether on the same machine, including PXE server compatibility.

  • Windows activation after deployment

    You can specify a unique Windows activation key to be used per each target machine for Windows activation after deployment. This key is defined as "individual machine" setting.

  • Preserve original machine name after deployment

    When performing Online Deployment, the guest OS machine name can now be optionally inherited from the OS rather than taken from the master image

  • Correct licenses assignment when deploying to machines connected via docking station

    The machines connected to a docking station share the same MAC address which caused licensing issues when tracking deployment usage, for example for tablets. Now this problem is gone with the new licensing algorithm which tracks machine BIOS ID in addition to MAC address for truly unique identification.

  • VLAN tags support in bootable media

    The bootable media now inherits the VLAN settings