Version 1.5August 19, 2020

Update 8


This release brings new features and multiple security, stability, performance, and usability improvements.

What's new

Encryption support

  • Now it's possible to enable encryption for the backups during the initial extension configuration in UI, with unattended configuration script or by creating a new backup plan in the backup console.
  • Encryption as a machine property is also supported.

Accounts restore and export

  • Now it is possible to recover and download individual Plesk end-user accounts.

Unattended plugin configuration

  • New script for an unattended extension configuration is available, it automatically checks if the backup agent is installed and registered on the host and performs all the required set up steps. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Improved archives ownership detection logic

  • Restored or re-created Plesk users can access the recovery points made for these accounts in the past, regardless of the database and system ID changes.

Stability and performance improvements

  • Multiple stability and performance optimizations for files and database recovery.

Other improvements

  • Users with enabled 2FA can configure the extension using a registration token. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Known issues and limitations

  • Single Sing-On (SSO) was disabled for security reasons. In case your server is compromised, backups won't be accessible.
  • Settings tab was removed due to technical redesign. To change notification and email settings go to Acronis Cyber Cloud.

Fixed issues

  • [CI-5900] Plesk - Mount timeout is too small
  • Old recovery points not visible in Plesk
Version 1.4.3March 4, 2020

Update 7

Fixed issues

  • [CI-5454] Fixed failure of MySQL 5.1 databases backup due to "Unknown system variable 'lock_wait_timeout'" error.
Version 1.4.2September 10, 2019

Update 6

What's new

  • [CI-5466] Show configuration wizard if backup agent is installed but not registered in the Acronis cloud.

Fixed issues

  • CI-5488 Plesk dashboards are hanging after update to 8.0 on a VZ container.
  • CI-5504 Server error for the method getOperationByGuid is shown during successful agent installation.
  • CI-5507 Incorrect error 'The connection error has occurred. Change URL or try again later.' is shown when the user specifies wrong credentials.
  • CI-5515 Incorrect error appears when the user tries to access smb share backup with the expired password.
  • CI-5520 Unnecessary info is shown in logs.
Version 1.4.1July 30, 2019

Update 5

Fix listing of recovery points for Plesk end customers.

Version 1.4.0July 9, 2019

Update 4

With Update 4, the extension offers stability, performance, and usability improvements and addresses issues found in the previous releases.

What's new

  • Support for Plesk Onyx 17.9

Fixed issues

  • [CI-4047] PROCEDURE, FUNCTION and EVENT statements are not restored during database recovery.
  • [CI-4500] A database download fails for MySQL 5.1.
  • [CI-4693] Pre/post-capture scripts should delete a thread that executes the flush command to unfreeze MySQL correctly.
  • [CI-4753] A backup agent should be installed with the "--strict" mode.
  • [CI-5134] If a file with the name in invalid encoding was backed up, the directory containing this file cannot be listed in the recovery point.
  • [CI-5236] Extended file attributes are not restored when a customer recovers a directory.
Version 1.3.0December 29, 2018

Update 3

With Update 3, the extension offers stability, performance, and usability improvements and addresses issues found in the previous releases.

What's new

Trial version is available

  • Free 30 days trial period
  • One trial license per account
  • 45 days grace period
  • Feedback sending after trial
  • Reactivation by purchasing license add-on

Initial configuration improvements

  • Error messages were rewritten to make them even more clear
  • Descriptions were improved
  • Auto-retrieval of license add-on was added


List of downloads can be found in

  • Notification bar
  • Overview

Error reporting

  • An operation detailed report can be easily sent from the UI.
Version 1.2.0July 27, 2018

Update 2

With Update 2, the extension offers stability, performance, and usability improvements and addresses issues found in the previous releases.

What's new

Faster backup and database recovery

  • Unnecessary locks are avoided when creating snapshots.
  • Recovery of databases to CentOS-based distributions of Plesk became faster.

New default backup schedule

  • By default, backups are performed on a daily basis, Monday to Friday, starting at 2 AM.

    Note: You can later change this schedule in the backup console.

Other UX improvements

  • A Plesk customer can view detailed error messages of failed recovery operations in the Operations Log.
  • Mount points of backed-up volumes are displayed when browsing backups.
  • The tooltip with information about how to change the backup plan settings is added to the Dashboard.

Fixed issues

  • [CI-2724] The Plesk metadata is not correctly collected when the administrator ID is not 1 in the psa.clients table.
  • [CI-2051] The Plesk timezone is ignored when displaying dates.
  • [CI-2974] After recovering of a deleted httpdocs directory by a Plesk customer, the directory attributes are not correctly restored.