Acronis® Pay per Incident support for Personal products

Acronis Pay per Incident support is a paid support program that allows you to get technical assistance for a single incident by phone.

One Pay per Incident license is valid for resolution of one issue/question. The number of contacts till the incident is resolved is unlimited. PPI must be used within 365 days after purchase.

Pay Per Incident is refundable in case of a confirmed defect in the product.

Frequently Asked Customer Questions:

Q: What products Pay Per Incident (PPI) support is available for?

A: Pay Per Incident (PPI) support is available for currently supported versions of Acronis Personal products:

  • Acronis Disk Director 12.5

Q: What is the cost of Pay Per Incident support (PPI) for Personal products?

A: Pay per Incident (PPI) support for Acronis Personal products is set at $20.00 per incident

Q: When do I need to buy Pay Per Incident (PPI) support?

A: You need to buy Pay Per Incident (PPI) support if you’d like to get technical assistance regarding home product by phone during warranty support period.

You can use our Knowledge Base and Community Forum resources as a no-cost alternative for getting assistance after your warranty support period expired:

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