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Mobile Backup

Backing up a mobile device means capturing all of the data – including contacts, calendar, photos, videos and other files – so you still have them if something happens to your smartphone or tablet.

Backup software for mobile devices makes sure you are saving copies frequently, reliably and safely. It automatically produces a backup and makes it easy to restore your files.

How common is mobile data loss

  • 10% of device owners have had
    one stolen
  • 2,000+ devices lost or stolen around
    the world every hour
  • 70,000,000 smartphones are lost
    each year

iCloud and Google Drive aren’t enough

Major mobile devices come with the ability to store some data in the cloud so it can be accessed and shared. But cloud storage is incomplete as backup and native solutions have several limitations. Your multi-device family may have a mix of iPhones and Android devices, for example, but iCloud only works with iPhones and iPads. For a reliable, easy-to-use and secure way to back up your mobile device, nothing beats Acronis True Image 2018.

Feature Acronis
True Image 2018
iCloud Google Drive
Remote plan management      
End-to-end encryption      
Automatic and continuous back up      
Anywhere access to your data      
Version control      

Comparison as of August 20, 2017

Tougher security

Keep your data safe, wherever you are

  • Advanced encryption Files sent to backup are protected by military-grade encryption
  • Secure storage Our data centers boast superior security and are SSAE-16 certified
  • Anti-ransomware The only backup that actively defends against ransomware

Easier access

Get files and manage backups on the go

  • Constantly connected Enjoy continuous connectivity from secure, redundant cloud systems
  • Always in control Remotely manage the backups for all your devices via a single dashboard
  • Effortless backup Back up mobile devices automatically via Wi-Fi to
    a local Mac, PC or NAS

Greater flexibility

Decide how to guard your device’s data

  • Versatile recovery Restore everything or the specific file you want
  • Multi-platform Use the device you want: we support Android and iOS devices
  • Version control Manage the number of backups and how long to keep them

Get Acronis Mobile Protection

Keep your mobile contacts, calendars, photos and files safe. Get our free Acronis Mobile app to safeguard your own device, or protect all of your family’s smartphones and tablets with Acronis True Image 2018. For more about our mobile app or instructions on how to automatically back up to your local PC, Mac or NAS device via Wi-Fi, click here.

Acronis Mobile Protection

Get Acronis True Image 2018

Wymagania systemowe

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
    • Windows 10 Creators Update
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8.1 (wszystkie edycje)
    • Windows 8 (wszystkie edycje)
    • Windows 7 SP1
      (wszystkie edycje)
    • Windows Home Server
    • Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
  • Apple Mac OS X
    • Sierra 10.12
    • El Capitan 10.11
    • Yosemite 10.10
  • Systemy plików
    • NTFS
    • FAT32
    • Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 Na systemach plików Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 można wykonywać jedynie operacje tworzenia i przywracania kopii zapasowej dysków i partycji
    • ReiserFS Na systemach plików ReiserFS można wykonywać jedynie operacje tworzenia i przywracania kopii zapasowej dysków i partycji
    • Linux SWAP Na systemach plików Linux SWAP można wykonywać jedynie operacje tworzenia i przywracania kopii zapasowej dysków i partycji
    • HFS+ Obsługiwany tylko na komputerach Mac
    • APFS
  • Mobile Operating Systems
    • iOS 8.0 or later
    • Android 4.1 or later

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