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Acronis Files Connect 10.5 What’s New
Acronis Files Connect 10.5 includes a number of new features and enhancements aimed to make everyday workflows of both Mac users and Mac administrators easier and more productive, such as a new Mac client application and improved search capabilities.
5 Ways to Integrate Macs into Your Windows Environment

Gone are the days when IT could dictate a “No Mac® Environment.” Today, Macs make up an increasing portion of corporate use, if only to accommodate employees who prefer to use the same Apple® device at work that they use at home. And, employee preferences are not limited to desktop computers alone.

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TTS Group Solves Mac Connectivity Challenge with Acronis Files Connect
If you are in the business of advertising and marketing, you probably know that in order ot keep up with the latest and greatest marketing techniques, you can no longer live without mobile technologies which help improve productivity, real-time collaboration, time to market and gain an innovative advantage.
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Acronis for Education and Research
One of the ways your institution competes for the best students is by offering extensive research programs and centers for undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates. These programs and initiatives are fueling and increasing the continued explosive growth in data volume and complexity.
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