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Choose the world’s fastest backup and recovery solution for stable, secure business continuity
  • Today’s bottom line is driven by data, so protecting that data is critical for any company’s survival. What should you look for in a data recovery solution?
  • Complete protection that safeguards data, wherever it is
  • 15-second Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
  • Today’s bottom line is driven by data, so protecting that data is critical for any company’s survival. What should you look for in a data recovery solution?
  • Backups that are safe from ransomware
  • Control over your data’s location, authenticity and integrity
  • Flexibility to support a variety of platforms
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Acronis Cyber Protect
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Simplify your data recovery efforts

Data recovery software makes things quick and easy so IT pros can focus on other responsibilities. You get fast, reliable backups, flexible control of your data, and agility when restoring a server or conducting a bare-metal recovery.

That’s what you get with Acronis Backup, the best data recovery software available. You’ll experience speedy, complete and automated data protection that allows you to focus on your business, not your backup.

Time is of the essence

Following a data loss event, the greatest expense is often not the cost of recovery but rather the downtime to your business. Time is money, after all. Independently proven to be the fastest data recovery available, Acronis Backup gets your systems up and running quicker with technology that lets you:

  • Attain RTOs of 15 seconds or less with Acronis Instant Restore. You’ll start backups as a virtual machine directly from storage, so you won’t need to move your data.
  • Restore to the same or dissimilar hardware using Acronis Universal Restore. You can recover your system in bare-metal physical, virtual, or cloud environments.
  • Automate the recovery of critical systems by customizing the bootable media with scripting, which ensures your mission critical operations continue
  • Remotely restore bare-metal servers and access bootable media via wide area networks (WAN) to keep your distributed sites and systems running.

Discover complete data protection

With today’s ever-evolving threats, securing your mission-critical information demands a data recovery solution that does more. That’s why Acronis Backup incorporates innovative technologies that represent the future of data protection.

  • Protect your entire digital infrastructure with clustered SQL and Exchange support, SAN storage of VMware VM snapshots, and complete backups of Oracle Database servers
  • Take control of your data storage with flexible media options, off-host operations, and multiple backup destinations. Deduplication enables better management of resources.
  • Defend your systems against ransomware with the only backup technology that actively detects and stops ransomware in real time, and automatically restores any affected files
  • Establish multiple admins and delegate responsibilities using role-based administrative access to better control the systems in remote locations and individual departments.

Reliable solution

  • 500,000+ businesses
    rely on our technology
  • 100+ awards
    for business backup and recovery
  • 150+ countries
    makes us a leader in data recovery

Acronis Cyber Protect

Protect your data from any threat with a single solution

20+ Platforms Protected


  • Windows Server
  • Windows Server
  • Essentials
  • Linux


    • VMware vSphere
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Citrix XenServer
    • Red Hat Virtualization
    • Linux KVM
    • Oracle VM Server


      • Microsoft 365
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Amazon EC2


        • Microsoft Exchange
        • Microsoft SQL Server
        • Microsoft SharePoint
        • Microsoft Active Directory
        • Oracle Database


          • Windows PC
          • Mac


            • iPhone/iPad
            • Android

              What customers are saying

              • 'The best data recovery software available to all the users who needs protection across physical, virtual and cloud environments. It helps in disaster data recovery and data protection needs. The new version of the Acronis recovery has been improved with it’s catalog data search, disaster recovery plan and it is cross-platform'

                Shiva S
                Computer Science, Final Year, NITK

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