Effective Date: July 01, 2020

Cookies are small text files that are sent to or accessed from your web browser or your computer's hard drive. A cookie typically contains the name of the domain (internet location) from which the cookie originated, the "lifetime" of the cookie (i.e., when it expires) and a randomly generated unique number or similar identifier. A cookie also may contain information about your computer, such as user settings, browsing history and activities conducted while using ("Website").

Cookies set by Acronis International GmbH and its affiliates (together, "Acronis") are called "first party cookies." Cookies set by other parties are called "third-party cookies". Third-party cookies enable Acronis to provide third-party features or functionality on or through the Website (such as interactive content and analytics). Third-party cookies recognize your browser when it visits the Website and also when it visits certain other websites and services.

Cookies also are typically categorized as "session" cookies or "persistent" cookies. Session cookies are erased when you close your web browser. For example, a session cookie tracks how you navigate through the Website so that you do not need to re-enter the same information during the same visit to the Website. Persistent cookies store your preferences and other information for your current and future visits – they are still stored in your browser even if you close it. For example, Acronis may use persistent cookies to record your choice of language and country.

Acronis also uses other types of data collection technology, such as web beacons (also called pixel tags or clear GIFs). A web beacon is a piece of computer code that enables Acronis to monitor user activity and website traffic.

To learn more about cookies, web beacons and other data collection technology, visit

How Acronis Uses Data Collection Technology

Data collection technology helps Acronis improve your experience with the Website by, for example, storing your website language preferences, so you do not have to select it each time you use the Website, compiling statistics about use of the Website, helping Acronis analyze technical and navigational information about the Website, and detecting and preventing fraud.

Acronis uses the following cookies:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the Website to function and cannot be switched off in Acronis’s systems. Acronis usually sets strictly necessary cookies in response to your actions that amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in, or filling in forms. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but then some parts of the Website will not work.

Cookie NameHostTypeDuration
_gclxxxxacronis.com1st Party90 days
AWSELBbuy.acronis.com1st PartySession
OptanonAlertBoxClosedacronis.com1st Party1 year
AcronisUID.enacronis.com1st Party2 years
__utmvacronis.com1st Partya few seconds
laravel_sessionsupport.acronis.com1st Partya few seconds
JSESSIONIDbuy.acronis.com1st PartySession
liveagent_ptidwww.acronis.com1st Party10 years
liveagent_sidwww.acronis.com1st PartySession
_gidpartners.acronis.com1st Party1 days
optimizelyPPIDacronis.com1st Party7985 years
SSESS55b9544391a609b30cb3dd618bafe7cdforum.acronis.com1st Party7 days
_mkto_trkacronis.com1st Party2 years
optimizelyDomainTestCookieacronis.com1st Party180 days
__cfduidstore.acronis.com1st Party30 days
_gatacronis.com1st Partya few seconds
OptanonConsentacronis.com1st Party1 year
__utmcacronis.com1st PartySession
_gapartners.acronis.com1st Party2 years
__utmtacronis.com1st Partya few seconds
support_localesupport.acronis.com1st Party30 days
__cf_bmpromo.acronis.com1st Partya few seconds
BIGipServersjhweb-nginx-app_httpspromo.acronis.com1st PartySession
__utmaacronis.com1st Party2 years
_uetsidacronis.com1st Partya few seconds
incap_ses_1185_1638029acronis.com1st PartySession
optimizelyEndUserIdacronis.com1st Party180 days
RegistrationSIDpartners.acronis.com1st PartySession
__utmbacronis.com1st Partya few seconds
visid_incap_acronis.com1st Party1 year
_gat_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxacronis.com1st Partya few seconds
liveagent_vcacronis.com1st Party10 years
AcronisSID.enacronis.com1st PartySession
XSRF-TOKENsupport.acronis.com1st Partya few seconds
X-Acronis-APIacronis.com1st Party2 years
_gat_UA-149943-47acronis.com1st Partya few seconds
__utmzacronis.com1st Partya few seconds
liveagent_orefwww.acronis.com1st Party10 years
language_prefixwww.acronis.com1st Party1 year
__cfduidbrowser-update.org3rd Party30 days
__cfduidcleverbridge.com3rd Party7 years
__cfduidonetrust.com3rd Party9 years
optimizelyRumLBrum.optimizely.com3rd PartySession
OptanonConsentcdn.cookielaw.org3rd Party1 year
OptanonAlertBoxClosedcdn.cookielaw.org3rd Party1 year
__cfduidapp-sjh.marketo.com3rd Party30 days
BIGipServersjhweb-nginx-app_httpsapp-sjh.marketo.com3rd PartySession
__cf_bmapp-sjh.marketo.com3rd Partya few seconds
language_prefixajax.googleapis.com3rd PartySession
_gd#############ajax.googleapis.com3rd Party2 years
YSCyoutube.com3rd PartySession
GPSyoutube.com3rd Partya few seconds
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEyoutube.com3rd Party180 days

Functionality Cookies

These cookies enable the Website to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. Acronis sets some functionality cookies, while third party providers whose services Acronis added to the Website set the rest of these cookies. If you do not allow functionality cookies, then services relying on functionality cookies may not function properly.

Cookie NameHostTypeDuration
liveagent_ptidaffiliate.acronis.com1st Party10 years
liveagent_sidaffiliate.acronis.com1st PartySession
liveagent_vcaffiliate.acronis.com1st Party10 years
liveagent_orefaffiliate.acronis.com1st Party10 years
language_prefixacronis.com1st PartySession
_gd#############store.acronis.com1st Party2 years
has_jswww.acronis.com1st PartySession
__atuvcwww.acronis.com1st Party1 year
__atuvswww.acronis.com1st Partya few seconds
Drupal.visitor.resources_view_modewww.acronis.com1st Party1 year
browserupdateorgforum.acronis.com1st Party7 days
X-Salesforce-CHATd.la1-c2-ia2.salesforceliveagent.com3rd PartySession
X-Salesforce-CHATd.la1-c2-phx.salesforceliveagent.com3rd PartySession
liveagent_sidd.la1-c2-phx.salesforceliveagent.com3rd PartySession
liveagent_ptidd.la1-c2-phx.salesforceliveagent.com3rd Party10 years
liveagent_vcd.la1-c2-phx.salesforceliveagent.com3rd Party10 years
X-Salesforce-CHATc.la1-c2-phx.salesforceliveagent.com3rd PartySession
liveagent_vcc.la1-c2-phx.salesforceliveagent.com3rd Party10 years
liveagent_orefc.la1-c2-phx.salesforceliveagent.com3rd Party10 years
X-Salesforce-CHATc.la1-c2-ph2.salesforceliveagent.com3rd PartySession
liveagent_sidc.la1-c2-ph2.salesforceliveagent.com3rd PartySession
liveagent_vcc.la1-c2-ph2.salesforceliveagent.com3rd Party10 years
liveagent_orefc.la1-c2-ph2.salesforceliveagent.com3rd Party10 years
liveagent_ptidc.la1-c2-ph2.salesforceliveagent.com3rd Party10 years
browserupdateorgbrowser-update.org3rd Party7 days

Performance Cookies

These cookies allow Acronis to count visits and traffic sources in order to measure and improve the performance of the Website. Performance cookies help Acronis gauge the relative popularity of various pages on the Website as well as see how visitors move around the Website. Acronis aggregates all information these cookies collect, making it anonymous as a result. If you do not allow performance cookies, Acronis will not know when you have visited the Website, will not be able to monitor its performance, and as a result – Acronis will not be able to improve the Website and make it more comfortable for use.

Cookie NameHostTypeDuration
_hjTLDTestacronis.com1st PartySession
_hjSessionResumedacronis.com1st PartySession
ab12tracronis.com1st PartySession
_hjidacronis.com1st Party356 days
_hjIncludedInSampleaccount.acronis.com1st PartySession
_gclacronis.com1st Partya few seconds
_hjIncludedInSamplescript.hotjar.com3rd PartySession
_hjCachedUserAttributesscript.hotjar.com3rd Partya few seconds
AWSELBrum.optimizely.com3rd PartySession

Targeting Cookies

Depending on the parts of the Website that you visit, Acronis’s advertising partners may set these cookies. Acronis’s advertising partners may use targeting cookies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on the Website and other sites. They use these cookies to uniquely identify your browser and internet device, which under certain privacy laws may amount to processing of personal data. If you do not allow targeting cookies, you will experience fewer targeted advertisements on the Website and other sites.

Cookie NameHostTypeDuration
_gd_sessionforum.acronis.com1st Party2 years
_fbpacronis.com1st Party90 days
_gd#############acronis.com1st Party2 years
scarab.visitoracronis.com1st Party1 year
cjidacronis.com1st Party2 years
AIDacronis.com1st PartySession
lissclinkedin.com3rd Party1 year
UserMatchHistorylinkedin.com3rd Party30 days
lidclinkedin.com3rd Party1 days
langlinkedin.com3rd PartySession
bcookielinkedin.com3rd Party2 years
bscookiewww.linkedin.com3rd Party2 years
langads.linkedin.com3rd PartySession
cdvrecommender.scarabresearch.com3rd Party1 year
srecommender.scarabresearch.com3rd PartySession
xprecommender.scarabresearch.com3rd Party1 year
www.facebook.com3rd PartySession
spinfacebook.com3rd Party1 year
datrfacebook.com3rd Party2 years
xsfacebook.com3rd Party1 year
frfacebook.com3rd Party90 days
sbfacebook.com3rd Party1 year
UIDscorecardresearch.com3rd Party2 years
UIDRscorecardresearch.com3rd Party2 years
__atuvcs7.addthis.com3rd Party1 year
__atuvss7.addthis.com3rd Partya few seconds
__atrfss7.addthis.com3rd Partya few seconds
SRCHUIDbing.com3rd Party1 year
SRCHHPGUSRbing.com3rd Party1 year
MUIDbing.com3rd Party1 year
SRCHDbing.com3rd Party1 year
SRCHUSRbing.com3rd Party1 year Party1 year Party2 years
test_cookiedoubleclick.net3rd Partya few seconds
IDEdoubleclick.net3rd Party1 year
DSIDdoubleclick.net3rd Party2 years
languagewww.slideshare.net3rd PartySession
langslideshare.net3rd PartySession
_uv_idslideshare.net3rd Party2 years
__utmaslideshare.net3rd Party2 years
bcookieslideshare.net3rd Party2 years
__utmtslideshare.net3rd Partya few seconds
__utmbslideshare.net3rd Partya few seconds
__utmcslideshare.net3rd PartySession
__utmzslideshare.net3rd Party183 days
_gd#############j.6sc.co3rd Party2 years
6suuid6sc.co3rd Party2 years
Uadsymptotic.com3rd Party1 year
langcdn.syndication.twimg.com3rd PartySession
xtcaddthis.com3rd Party1 year
locaddthis.com3rd Party1 year
uvcaddthis.com3rd Party1 year

Cookie Management

You can control and manage cookies using Acronis Privacy Preference Center, if Acronis makes it available in your region, or directly in your browser. Most browsers allow viewing, managing, deleting or blocking cookies. Please be aware that if you delete or block cookies directly in your browser then some of your preferences can be lost, as well as some functionality may no longer be available, including the ability to opt-out and mange cookies via the Privacy Preference Center as this function itself uses cookie for keeping your preferences.

You may find the guidelines on how to control cookies for common browsers at the links below: