Acronis Support Lifecycle Policy for Consumer Products

There are three phases of support for Acronis consumer products.

Phases of the Support Lifecycle for Consumer Products

Type of SupportMainstreamExtendedSelf-Service
Product documentation, Knowledge Base articles, and forum help available on the Acronis websiteyesyesyes
Complimentary support for recovery issues1yesyesyes
Full support by Acronis Customer Central, including investigation by developers for all severity issues1yesyes 
Product hotfixes/patches for blocker issues, security issues, OS support updates, support volume drivers2yesyes 
Product hotfixes/patches for selected issues of any severity level2yes  
Cumulative updates, including new functionalityyes  

1 A solution or workaround will be provided. An upgrade is considered a valid solution if no other options are available.

2 A fix is not guaranteed for all bugs. Triage and fix is at Acronis’ discretion.

Full support is guaranteed for the latest minor version of the product. Customers are encouraged to update to the latest available build to ensure they have the most stable and secure version of the product.

Free technical support for home products is provided on time-limited basis (usually one year for the current version and two months for the immediate previous version after new product is released). The customers whose products are in mainstream or extended phase, but not covered by free assistance, can purchase a pay-per-incident support.

During the trial period, support is only provided for the current version of the product.

Support Lifecycle of Consumer Products

Acronis True Image
ProductsRelease DateLatest updateMainstream Support End DateExtended Support End Date
Acronis True Image 201822 Aug 2017#12510 / # , 20 6월 2018TBDTBD
Acronis True Image 2017 Premium Subscription18 Jan 2017#6209 / # 6115, 23 6월 201722 Aug 2017TBD
Acronis True Image 201722 Aug 2016#8058 / # 8035, 23 6월 201722 Aug 2017TBD
Acronis True Image 201617 Aug 2015#6595 / # 6077, 26 6월 201722 Aug 201622 Aug 2017
Acronis True Image 201530 Sep 2014#6613, 20 7월 2015 17 Aug 201517 Aug 2016
Acronis True Image 201428 Aug 2013#6688, 20 8월 2014 30 Sep 201417 Aug 2015
Acronis Disk Director
ProductsRelease DateLatest updateMainstream Support End DateExtended Support End Date
Acronis Disk Director 1227 May 2014#96, 19 7월 2017 TBDTBD
Acronis Disk Director 11 Home15 Jun 2010#2343, 17 11월 2011 27 May 201427 May 2015
Older Versions
ProductsRelease DateLatest updateMainstream Support End DateExtended Support End Date
True Image 2013 by Acronis27 Aug 2012#6514, 04 4월 201328 Aug 201328 Aug 2014
Acronis True Image 201223 Aug 2011#7133, 12 7월 2012 27 Aug 201227 Aug 2013
Acronis True Image 201124 Aug 2010#6942, 29 9월 201123 Aug 201123 Aug 2012
Acronis True Image 201015 Sep 2009#7160, 04 2월 2011 24 Aug 201023 Aug 2011
Acronis True Image 20093 Dec 2008#9809, 20 11월 2009 15 Sep 200924 Aug 2010
Acronis True Image 11 Home1 Nov 2007#8101, 03 7월 2008 3 Dec 200815 Sep 2009
Acronis True Image 10 Home1 Oct 2006#4942, 12 3월 2007 1 Nov 20071 Nov 2008
Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.08 Nov 2005#2288, 15 3월 201015 Jun 201015 Jun 2011

The Acronis Products Lifecycle Support Policy is intended exclusively for the benefit of existing Acronis Customers who have purchased Acronis products. It is not intended to apply to other products or to any other third parties. Acronis reserves the right to make changes to its Product Lifecycle Support Policy at its sole discretion and as business needs require. Acronis will update policy statements on the Acronis website to reflect any changes upon their effective date.

The present policy was developed and published in February 2018.