Cloud Backup Solution:

Effortless protection of all your data and devices
For home, business and resell

Cloud Backup Solution

Personal Cloud Backup

Personal Cloud Backup

Easily protect your family’s memories, records and devices


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Business Cloud Backup

Business Cloud Backup

Minimize downtime and safeguard the data you need to compete


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Cloud Backup for Service Providers

Cloud Backup for Service Providers

Fast, powerful, integrated backup-as-a-service puts you in control


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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?



Greater access 
Get your files from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Better protection
Isolate your data from local device failure, malware attack or natural disasters.

Less downtime
Ensure you can quickly restore your system so you get back up and running.


What Is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup (aka cloud computer backup) is when you make a copy your files, applications, virtual machines or servers and store them safely on a remote network of computing resources that you access via the internet.

"The cloud" refers to that network of connected computer resources. 
(Learn about the differences between cloud storage and cloud backup.)


Acronis Awards

The Award-Winning Leader in Cloud Backup 

Acronis Awards


500,000+ businesses
rely on Acronis

5.5+ million users
trust our solutions

5,000 PB of data
are protected worldwide

350 engineers
dedicated to excellence


Why experts choose Acronis Cloud Solution

Its combination of backup (both local and cloud), disk cloning, rescue-disc creation, and other unique tools, along with a more modern interface than the competition, secures Acronis True Image's place as PCMag's Editors' Choice

PC Magazine

Every performance test was led by Acronis, which is on average twice as fast, some cases being 10 times as fast as the competition.



Acronis Storage delivers true ease of use in the complex landscape of unified storage … [and] designed the kind of agility into its storage solution that helps customers achieve successful deployment, operations, and scale

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Enterprise Strategy Group



Acronis Cloud…

Keeps Up With You

Remote storage of your data won’t slow you down. In fact, independent testing shows Acronis saves you time when backing up and offers fast access when your files are needed.


15-second Recovery Time
Proven RTOs that are twice as fast as the closest competitor.

Verified to be the Fastest Backups
On average twice as fast – and up to 10 times as fast – as the competition.

Cloud Access in Just Three Clicks
Our personal and business solutions get you backing up to the cloud quickly.


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Acronis Cloud…

Ensures Your Data is Safe

At its core, the decision to make cloud storage part of your backup strategy is about keeping your data safe and secure. Acronis takes our role seriously, protecting your data at every turn.


Military-grade Encryption
In storage or in transit, your data is protected by AES-256 encryption.

SSAE-16 Certified Security
Our Data Centres have latest disaster prevention technologies and 24/7 security.

Tier-IV Designed Data Centers
At 99.995 percent, the highest availability level for any data center on the planet.





Acronis Cloud…

Gives You Control

Cloud storage is the most flexible and cost effective way to back up the files and programs you rely on. Acronis’ solutions ensure you have total coverage and complete control over your data.


Total coverage
Back up everything: disks, partitions, files and folders, virtual machines.

Flexible control
Choose full image, differential or incremental backups, or a combination.

Redundant backups
Our technology is more reliable than traditional RAID enclosures.

Do more with Acronis Backup Cloud


No limit to the number of file versions stored (unlike our competitors)


No limit to how long you can store file versions (unlike our competitors)


Automatic and manual backups to both the cloud and local destinations


Remotely manage backup plans through a central dashboard


Acronis True Image 2018

The world’s #1 personal backup, proven to be the fastest and easiest to use

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The best backup for business of all sizes, offering protection for 20+ platforms

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Acronis Backup Cloud

Fast, powerful, integrated backup-as-a-service that puts you in control

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