May 5, 2017 — Acronis
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Comprehensive Reporting in Acronis Backup 12.5

Cyber Protect

Running around is synonymous with the responsibilities of any IT professional. Tons of small tasks like dealing with users who can only move the mouse cursor horizontally, or helping people to clean up after they spilled their coffee all over the keyboard – again.

In a busy environment, you may only spend one hour a week to ensure that data protection and backups are in order – and would like to spend even less.

Then comes the nightmare, named “corporate reporting on data protection.” Your CIO or VP of IT demands a set of periodic, easy-to-read, yet comprehensive reports to be sent every quarter, month, or even week. And while you know that you do have to provide the reports, and your bonus may even depend on it, you still drag your feet in anticipation of “fun” associated with digging through multiple data sources and spreadsheets.

Backup Reporting and Dashboards

Rejoice – your life will become much easier with the new advanced reporting in Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced:

  • Create and customize multiple reports – add and remove columns, add sorting, grouping, and more
  • Add widgets – throw in the nice diagrams, that add great look-and-feel to your reports
  • Schedule reports to be sent by email, saved to folders, in the file format that you prefer.

In short, no more dragging your feet, and no more spending hours compiling that corporate report you are dreading so much.

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