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A Single Solution to Offer Your Customers Backup, Disaster Recovery
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Acronis Data Cloud cPanel integration

Acronis Data Cloud is a reliable hybrid cloud backup solution for service providers that protects more than 20 platforms, anytime, anywhere, and faster than anyone else. Acronis Data Cloud now provides integrated backup and recovery for cPanel web hosting servers. Now you are ready to target new business within and outside of your customer base by delivering valuable backup services to hosting companies and other cPanel administrators.


  • Grow your business: Recognize incremental revenues by creating a bundled service offering that deliver websites, applications, and backup
  • Great performance: Reduce server loads with incremental backups and a streamlined, agent-based backup technology
  • Reduce support costs: Improve your customers’ experience and reduce your support costs by enabling customer self-service from the cPanel UI
  • Full Image Backup: With Acronis’ full, image-based backups, administrators can protect entire servers and all the websites they contain
  • Easy Granular Recovery: Hosting customers can perform granular, self-service recovery of a website, or individual files, mailboxes, and databases using Acronis from the cPanel UI, and users can download or recover individual accounts in WHM UI
  • Support 20+ Data Platforms: Acronis Backup Cloud provides backup for 20+ data platforms using a single, easy-to-use, web-based, multi-tenant console
  • Incremental Backup: The Acronis Backup agent performs incremental backups, reducing demand on the server and saving backup storage space
  • Integrated Solution: With pre-packaged extensions and a RESTful API, service providers can easily integrate Acronis Backup Cloud with their existing business automation solutions
  • Flexible Backup Destinations: Acronis Backup Cloud is a hybrid cloud solution; customers can back up to the Acronis cloud, to the public cloud or to the service provider’s private cloud destination

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Call Sales:+ 1 781-782-9000