January 04, 2006

Acronis Launches Localized Versions of Acronis True Image Family in Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Software Now Shipping Throughout China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

January 4, 2005, South San Francisco, CA — Acronis Inc., the technological leader in storage management software, announced that it has begun shipping localized versions of the Acronis True Image product family in Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.

Localized products include Acronis True Image Home, Acronis True Image Enterprise Server, Acronis True Image Workstation, and Acronis True Image Server for Windows.

Acronis True Image is the company's flagship disk imaging, backup and disaster recovery product that allows users to create an exact disk image for complete system backup and bare metal restore while providing the most comprehensive data protection. The disk backup file contains the exact copy of a hard disk, including all the computer data, operating system, configuration files, security and software patches, and programs. After a system crash, the user can restore the entire system or simply replace lost files and folders from the disk backup.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer Acronis' world-class storage management solutions to the Chinese market," said Walter Scott, CEO of Acronis. "With Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified versions of Acronis True Image, we will be able to address the needs of users throughout North Asia, as well as leveraging the huge market potential of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong."

"By providing localized, Chinese-language versions of the Acronis True Image product line, Acronis Asia demonstrates its strong commitment to the Chinese market, which represents a key opportunity for growth," said Laurent Dedenis, managing director of Acronis Asia Pte Ltd. "The Chinese computing infrastructure is growing fast and disaster recovery, disk imaging and backup are key components in delivering this world-class infrastructure solution," he continued. "That reason alone underscores the need for products like the Acronis True Image family, which can protect data for enterprise servers, departmental and stand-alone servers, as well as workstations".

"We're excited about the new localization interface as it will help to further penetrate the non-English speaking Chinese market segment, which is a huge opportunity," said Patrick Y.F. Xu, sales and marketing director of Shanghai GrapeCity Information Technologies Ltd., an Acronis partner in China.

About Acronis, Inc.

Acronis offers storage management solutions that are technically advanced for mission-critical applications but easy to use. The company provides disaster recovery, backup and restore, partitioning, boot management, privacy, data migration, and other storage management products for enterprises, corporations and consumers of any qualification. Acronis has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia and sells its products through retail outlets, resellers and on the Web. For additional information, please visit www.acronis.com or contact Marketing Manager Kayla Fedorowicz at SeokCheng.Chia@acronis.com.

Acronis 公司簡介:

Acronis 是一間全球網路防護公司,專為託管服務合作夥伴 (MSP)、中小型企業 (SMB) 和企業 IT 部門,以原生方式提供整合資安、資料防護和端點管理。Acronis 解決方案效率極高,旨在用來從現代網路威脅中識別、預防、偵測、回應、修復,並復原問題,能在最短的停機時間內,確保資料的完整性,讓業務持續運作。Acronis 透過獨到的能力,為託管服務供應商提供市面上最全方位資安解決方案,以期滿足多元化、分散式 IT 環境的需求。

Acronis 是一間瑞士公司, 2003 年在新加坡正式成立,擁有 15 個全球辦事處,員工來自 50 多個國家。Acronis Cyber Protect 解決方案的服務範圍遍及全球 26 個國家,支援 150 種語言版本,共有 20.000 多間服務供應商使用這項服務,為超過 750,000 間企業提供防護。請造訪以下官網 www.acronis.com,以便深入了解。
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