April 13, 2021

Acronis launches new partner portal to empower service providers, resellers and distributors

Redesigned portal delivers an enhanced Content Hub, marketing automation tools, and easier navigation to ensure a superior, more rewarding partner experience

SINGAPORE, April 13, 2020 - Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, today introduced a new partner portal that delivers greater support and enhanced marketing and sales capabilities to the service providers, distributors, and resellers in the #CyberFit Partner Program. The new portal was developed to enhance partner enablement, providing easy access to the content, tools, and training that will help them build a successful cyber protection business.

Given the dramatic growth of the Acronis cloud ecosystem - which has doubled since 2018, including a 30% increase in partners last year - the company wanted to revitalize its partner portal with a familiar, easy-to-use interface while providing new capabilities that help partners maximize the potential and profitability of their cyber protection portfolio.

"Acronis knows that our success is tied directly to the success of our partners, which is why we do all we can to accelerate their business growth. We recently introduced our flagship Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with a no-charge licensing model to allow for incremental margins, as well as enhanced incentives for our newly announced #CyberFit Partner Program," said Jan-Jaap "JJ" Jager, Chief Revenue Officer, Acronis. "With our new partner portal, we're making it even easier to leverage those initiatives, putting the knowledge, tools, and support needed to deliver comprehensive cyber protection at our partners' fingertips."

Available in six languages and accessible through the existing partner portal URL, the new portal puts even more power in the hands of Acronis' service provider, reseller, and distribution partners. Among the featured enhancements are:

Easier navigation with a central dashboard that provides a partner an account overview at a glance with customizable widgets that show support cases, MDF, deal registration, renewal opportunities, and more. Partner program benefits and requirements are immediately accessible, as are special promotional offers. With an interface that mirrors the existing Acronis Management Console, access can be set based on roles and responsibilities.Enhanced marketing and sales support, including built-in marketing automation tools that streamline the ability to promote and sell, share email blasts, and offer renewals pipeline management for resellers. Partners also gain access to Acronis' NFR Program as well.Ready-made and DIY marketing content that can be executed directly from the portal, including campaigns-in-a-box, email nurture flows, social media content, email blasts, customizable web banners and landing pages, and more provide partners with flexible, self-service marketing opportunities. Increased support visibility for both technical and sales tickets with a new Support section that streamlines case submission and provides easily tracked support tickets. Managing sales and renewals opportunities is also made easier.Specialized training from the Acronis #CyberFit Academy - including product training, technical certifications, etc. - can also be accessed directly through the new partner portal.

Partners who have participated in testing the new portal agree that the new capabilities will benefit their go-to-market efforts and help them streamline their sales and marketing initiatives.

"Acronis has created a seamless and exceptional user interface with its new Partner Portal. From product management to technical support, we feel more connected than ever to Acronis' team of advisors and continue to learn how to improve our own sales experience on the new platform," said Evangelos Tselios, Cloud Product Manager at interworks.cloud. "This outstanding development is well-organized and filled with useful content and information, truly honoring one of Acronis' true core values of transparency. This new portal is a great example of how Acronis values its partners."

All Acronis partners immediately gain benefits through the new portal. More advanced capabilities are also available to higher-level partners through the portal.

Anyone interested in seeing a demo of the new Acronis Partner Portal is encouraged to attend the launch webinar that will be taking place on Wednesday, April 28. To register and for additional details, visit here.

To learn more about the Acronis #CyberFit Partner Program, visit https://www.acronis.com/en-us/partners/.

Acronis 公司簡介:

Acronis 是一間全球網路防護公司,專為託管服務合作夥伴 (MSP)、中小型企業 (SMB) 和企業 IT 部門,以原生方式提供整合資安、資料防護和端點管理。Acronis 解決方案效率極高,旨在用來從現代網路威脅中識別、預防、偵測、回應、修復,並復原問題,能在最短的停機時間內,確保資料的完整性,讓業務持續運作。Acronis 透過獨到的能力,為託管服務供應商提供市面上最全方位資安解決方案,以期滿足多元化、分散式 IT 環境的需求。

Acronis 是一間瑞士公司, 2003 年在新加坡正式成立,擁有 15 個全球辦事處,員工來自 50 多個國家。Acronis Cyber Protect 解決方案的服務範圍遍及全球 26 個國家,支援 150 種語言版本,共有 20.000 多間服務供應商使用這項服務,為超過 750,000 間企業提供防護。請造訪以下官網 www.acronis.com,以便深入了解。
Katya Turtseva