Trademarks: Acronis® and the Acronis logo are registered trademarks of Acronis International GmbH in the United States and other countries. On the occasion that Acronis has not included any product, feature, service name or logo on this list, Acronis does not waive any intellectual property rights that Acronis or its affiliates have established in any such product, feature, service name or logo, all of which intellectual property rights are expressly reserved.

The following table contains a list of Acronis’ and its affiliates’ frequently used trademarks:

Acronis®Backup Director®mobilEcho®
AAcronis®Channels 1st®Privacy Expert®
Acronis Access®cloudEcho®Recovery Manager®
Acronis Active ProtectionControl Your Data DestinySecure Zone®
Acronis Advantage®Disk Director®Snap Deploy®
Acronis Backup & Recovery®Drive Cleanser®True Image
Acronis Backup and Recovery®EchoNAS®Try & Decide®
Acronis Compute With Confidence®Full Circle®Universal Deploy®
Acronis Cloudraid®GroupLogic®vmProtect
activEcho®Instant RestoreZidget®
Acronis Ransomware ProtectionIntelligent Data ProtectionAcronis Recovery®
MassTransit®Acronis Cloud Manager®Acronis Cloud Migration®
Acronis Cloud Security®Acronis Manager Standard®Acronis Smart Firewall for Azure®
5nine Cloud Manager®5nine Cloud Migration®5nine Cloud Security®
5nine Manager Standard®5nine Smart Firewall for Azure®5nine AzSec - Smart Firewall for Azure®

The Acronis products contain technologies that are covered and protected by one or more U.S. Patent Nos: 7,047,380, 7,246,211, 7,275,139, 7,281,104, 7,318,135, 7,353,355, 7,366,859, 7,383,327, 7,475,282, 7,603,533, 7,636,824, 7,650,473, 7,721,138, 7,779,221, 7,831,789, 7,836,053, 7,886,120, 7,895,403, 7,934,064, 7,937,612, 7,941,510, 7,949,635, 7,953,948, 7,979,690, 8,005,797, 8,051,044, 8,069,320, 8,073,815, 8,074,035, 8,074,276, 8,145,607, 8,180,984, 8,225,133, 8,261,035, 8,296,264, 8,312,259, 8,347,137, 8,484,427, 8,645,748, 8,732,121, 8,850,060, 8,856,927, 8,996,830, 9,213,697, 9,400,886, 9,424,678, 9,436,558, 9,471,441, 9,501,234. Multiple United States patents pending.

Third Party Technology: Portions of Acronis® Backup & Security, Acronis® Internet Security Suite, and Acronis® AntiVirus: © BitDefender 1997-2011; provided under license from BitDefender SRL. In addition, certain third party code may be provided with Acronis Software. The third-party license terms accompanying such code, found at and in the license.txt file located in the root installation directory, will govern your use of such code.