Assured business continuity amidst an evergrowing threat environment

Proactive, active, and reactive security for endpoints and data. Leverage seamless, integrated remediation and recovery when you need it.

Consolidated endpoint security, data protection & IT management for business assurity


  • Detect & block threats in real-time
  • Rapidly response & enriched analysis
  • Integrated remediation and restoration
  • Protect data with consolidated backup & behavioral-based DLP
  • Native integrations to holistically manage & proactively protect endpoints
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  • CRN Security
  • G2 Spring 2023

Top ways your business can benefit from Acronis EDR today

Acronis protects South Korean civil society groups

Detecting New SuperBear Trojan delivered via targeted spear phishing.

  • Description
    Researchers have discovered a recent phishing attack, likely targeting South Korean civil society groups that has unveiled a remote access trojan (RAT) called SuperBear.
  • Key challenges
    The attack leverages previously unseen RAT that can bypass endpoint defenses that don’t leverage complex behavioral based detect – such as antivirus solutions.
  • Risks
    The SuperBear trojan communicates with a remote server for data exfiltration which can pose severe risks for organizations’ data alongside financial ones such as regulatory fines related to sensitive data leakage.
  • Our solution
    Acronis EDR continuously monitors endpoint activity and can identify suspicious behavior associated with SuperBear's distribution vectors. Acronis EDR can flag suspicious activities and subsequent data exfiltration attempts and provide early detection of the threat, mitigating the risk for users.

Eliminate silos, integration challenges, and administrative costs of point solutions

Don’t just detect threats, ensure holistic protection and business continuity via native integrations delivered from a consolidated platform. Consolidation and assured business resilience as defined by established industry framework, NIST:

  • Identify
    Identify vulnerable assets and data you need to protect across multiple workloads.
  • Protect
    Proactively protect IT assets, endpoint devices and data with integrated backup and endpoint security configuration management capabilities.
  • Detect
    Continuous monitoring with AI/ML-based threat detection and behavioral analysis to guard against advanced threats and data exfiltration.
  • Respond
    Leverage incident prioritization with a single-click to investigate, contain cybersecurity threats, remediate, rollback attacks, recover, and close vulnerability gaps.
  • Recover
    Deliver unmatched data protection and business continuity with no data loss across all your endpoint devices, including mobile devices.
NIST framework

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  • James Slaby,  Director of Cyber Protection, Acronis
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