AV-TEST: Acronis Cyber Protect again earns perfect score in macOS evaluation

AV-TEST, a well-known independent evaluator of antivirus and security solutions, has released the results of this year’s first evaluation of business security products for macOS. Once again, Acronis Cyber Protect demonstrated why it’s a leading macOS security solution with a perfect score.


This is the third time in a row that Acronis Cyber Protect has received the highest possible score, and is a clear demonstration of the solution’s long-term strength at protecting macOS environments from cutting-edge cyberthreats.


Test methodology and results

In the March 2023 evaluation, AV-TEST specialists examined five business security products for macOS Mojave. The most current versions of all products were tested, and as always, each was allowed to update itself and query its in-the-cloud services. Evaluation metrics were focused on malware detection, false positives and performance.

For real-world detection rates of widespread and prevalent malware, AV-TEST used 235 samples. To check for false positives, they scanned 33,236 clean files. A further 80 samples were used to check false warnings concerning certain actions carried out while installing and using legitimate software.

As in previous evaluations, Acronis Cyber Protect detected every single malicious sample and returned zero false positives. Competitors — including CrowdStrike Falcon and Sophos Endpoint — both showed worse results, with CrowdStrike having only a 97.4% detection rate.

A leader in macOS endpoint protection for enterprise

New malware for macOS continues to appear, which is why it’s so important for a security product to be able to deal with new threats as tested by AV-TEST. Acronis Cyber Protect continuously demonstrates a perfect score —18 out of 18 points — in regular AV-TEST evaluations, and has repeatedly been approved as a leading endpoint protection solution for Apple devices.

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