Outsourced, rapid investigation and response, scalable across clients of varying requirements
  • Effortless provisioning
    Provision the MDR service with a single click on your end and let the outsourced SOC team handle the rest.
  • Continuous monitoring of client endpoints
    Get piece of mind with a world-class, outsourced SOC that monitors your client endpoints 24/7/365 to identify threats.
  • Expedited investigation from security analysts
    Leverage outsourced expertise from security analysts who investigate each incident, prioritizing critical ones, using rich telemetry, threat intelligence, and deep forensic insights.
  • Event triage, prioritization, and rapid response
    Benefit from a world-class SOC operations that triage and prioritize security events with real-time alerting, detailed analysis, instantaneous response that can be fully outsourced, and continuous reporting to you.
  • Integrated recovery
    Unlock unmatched business resilience for your clients integrated remediation and restoration, either delivered through Acronis MDR, or with a single-click via a our unified cyber protection platform.

World-class MDR delivered on top of a platform built for MSPs

Unlock up to 60% better TCO by consolidating your cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint management services under one integrated, multi-tenant, SaaS-based platform, on top of which the MDR service is delivered.
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Overview
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Choose the MDR that fits your MSP business needs

Acronis MDR is offered in two tiers, allowing greater flexibility for partners based on their and their clients requirements.

  • Protect, Contain and Prioritize / Protection

    Simplify endpoint protection and amplify your team’s security effectiveness
  • Protect, Respond and Recover / Protection Plus

    Fully outsource endpoint security operations for peace of mind and business resilience assuredness
Protect, Contain and Prioritize /  Protection
Protect, Respond and Recover /  Protection Plus
24/7 support by an outsourced SOC
24/7/365 monitoring to identify threats
Event triage & prioritization with real-time threat alerting
Instant threat containment by SOC team
One-click remediation and restoration capabilities
Expedited threat remediation by MDR team
Outsourced attack rollback and recovery
Outsourced patch management, as part of response

Acronis Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

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