Acronis Cyber Platform Opens New Possibilities for MSPs in Healthcare

Healthcare MSP West One Technical at the Acronis Cyber Summit

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we first announced Acronis Cyber Platform, our set of open APIs, SDKs, and developer support resources to enable mass customization and essentially unlimited integrations into the Acronis technology stack. At the Acronis Cyber Summit 2019, we expanded even further and partners that attended were very interested to see how they could leverage the Acronis Cyber Platform to add more value to their customers by protecting new data sources, supporting new data storage locations, implementing new data management functionality, and enhancing their applications with cyber protection.

We had an opportunity to interview several partners and hear from several of our healthcare-focused MSP partners in particular. Three of these exciting interviews about Acronis Cyber Platform are highlighted below.

Access IT Solutions

Fabio Meira, CEO

Access IT Solutions is a Florida-based MSP specializing in healthcare clients ranging from private doctors’ offices to labs and hospitals. When asked about Acronis Cyber Platform, Fabio Meira remarked, “Data exchange and transactions between systems and the full coverage of protection across platforms and remote access for doctors opens up a horizon of not just transfer of files, but integration into apps and other systems for real-time results of lab results, for example.”

dmi Networking

Dan Gospe, COO

With a niche focus in dental offices, dmi Networking needs to account for highly specified software solutions, something Acronis Cyber Platform makes easy, efficient, and secure. COO Dan Gospe noted, “Some of the dental cloud software providers do have APIs available and it would be a really great service to offer our clients to be able to back these applications up by using the Acronis Cyber Platform.”

West One Technical

Matthew Akle, Managing Director

West One Technical is a UK-based MSP focused on supporting private medical clients. Matthew shared a similar level of interest and excitement about what Acronis Cyber Platform could do for his company, saying: “We are in a very niche market of private medicine and there are several software products used by our clients that are simply too small for integrations to be available, so we have been very excited to see how the Acronis APIs can extend the scope of our backup services.”

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