• Flexible storage
    Meet any data, infrastructure and regulatory requirement with fl exible storage options including NAS, SAN, tapes, disks, Acronis Cloud or any private or public cloud, such as Azure, AWS or Google.
  • Any-to-any migration
    Store data in a unified backup format to ensure simplified recovery to any platform, regardless of the source system including to/from different hypervisors , physical machines ( V2V, V2P and P2P) or the cloud (P2C, V2C, C2C, C2V and C2P).
  • Universal Restore
    Minimize expensive downtime with quick and easy restor ation of Windows and Linux systems to dissimilar hardware, including bare metal physical, virtual or cloud environments.
  • Instant Restore
    Reduce recovery times with best in industry RTOs by immediately starting your backup as a Windows or Linux virtual machine directly from storage. Have your VM up and running in mere seconds, while Acronis Instant Restore technology invisibly moves your data to the host in the background.
  • Variable block-size deduplication
    Protect more systems while reducing the impact on disk storage and network capacity by capturing only the data blocks that ha ve changed since the previous backup.
  • Data protection across 20+ platforms
    Every system -physical, virtual or cloud- and all workloads are consolidated to safeguard data across all platforms.
  • Drive health monitoring
    Avoid unpredictable data loss and proactively improve uptime by monitoring drive health. By using machine learning on S.M.A.R.T. reports, and various operating system parameters , Acronis Cyber Protect can alert you about a disk issue before it happens.
  • Unique
    Anti-malware scanning of backups
    Eliminate infected files from backups with built in malware scanning t o ensure users restore a clean, malware free backup.
  • Unique
    Safe Recovery
    Malware scanning and removal by applying the latest anti malware definitions during recovery allows users to restore the OS image safely, reducing the chance of reinfection.
  • Unique
    Data Protection Map
    Ensure that critical data is protected for compliance reporting with a data protection map. Get d etailed information about stored data and use the automatic data classification to track the protection status of important files.
  • Unique
    App allowlisting based on backups contents
    Scans backups with anti malware technologies (behavioral heuristics, etc.) to enforce global allowlists of unique apps and reduce false positives.
  • Unique
    Forensic data collection
    Simplify future analysis and compliance reporting by collecting digital evidence like memory dumps and process information from disk level backups.
  • Unique
    One-click Recovery
    Enable fast and reliable recovery for entire systems with o one-click, including bare-metal recovery to dissimilar hardware via simple and intuitive administration designed for, users to initiate recovery without IT dependency.
  • Immutable storage
    Ensure the integrity of backup data and backup accounts themselves with immutable storage, preventing alterations or deletions by any unauthorized entity, including malware, for a customizable period.
  • Tape Multistreaming
    Utilize all available tape devices on your system by allowing the backup of a single client to run simultaneously to multiple tape drives.
  • Tape Multiplexing
    Allow multiple clients to back up to a single tape drive simultaneously especially useful when a tape drive is faster than the backup source.

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How Businesses Can Counterpunch against Generative AI-Powered Ransomware
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  • James Slaby,  Director of Cyber Protection, Acronis
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What makes Acronis Cyber Protect the best backup solution for large scale, multi-site enterprise?

      Cyber Protect is particularly advantageous for large-scale, geographically dispersed operations due to the following reasons:
      • Unified Management: Acronis Cyber Protect provides a central management console that simplifies the control of backup and recovery operations across all locations, ensuring consistency and ease of use for administrators.
      • Scalability: The solution is highly scalable, designed to accommodate the expanding needs of large operations. This means as your enterprise grows, Acronis Cyber Protect can effortlessly grow with you, ensuring all new sites and expansions are protected without the need for significant overhauls.
      • Diverse Environment Support: It supports a wide range of environments including physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile, ensuring that all aspects of a multi-site operation are covered, from server rooms to remote workstations.
      • Advanced Ransomware Protection: Built-in AI-driven defenses protect against ransomware and other cyber threats, crucial for operations with multiple potential entry points for attacks.
      • Bandwidth Efficiency: The solution offers data deduplication and compression, which conserves bandwidth—essential for operations spread over wide geographical areas that may have varying internet speeds and costs.
      • Automated Operations: With features like automatic backup validation, scheduling, and patch management, routine tasks are automated, reducing the workload on IT staff and minimizing the chance of human error.
      • Data Sovereignty Compliance: Thanks to a global network of over 50 data centers, Acronis Cyber Protect allows data to be stored in compliance with local regulations, which is particularly important for multi-national companies that must adhere to various international data protection laws.
      • Disaster Recovery: In case of a disaster, Acronis Cyber Protect's bare-metal restore capabilities and quick recovery options ensure minimal downtime, crucial for maintaining business continuity across all sites.
      • Robust Endpoint Protection: The solution includes comprehensive endpoint protection features that secure devices against a variety of threats, which is particularly important for protecting the diverse and potentially vulnerable endpoints in a large enterprise.
      • Cost Efficiency: With its ability to reduce the total cost of ownership through efficient resource use, vendor consolidation and the elimination of redundant systems, Acronis Cyber Protect can offer significant savings for large-scale operations.

      These features combine to make Acronis Cyber Protect a robust choice for enterprises requiring a reliable, secure, and scalable backup solution capable of protecting complex and distributed IT infrastructures.
    • With on-premises deployment, can I utilize cloud and public cloud storage?

      Yes, with an on-premises deployment of Acronis Cyber Protect, you can utilize both cloud storage and public cloud storage options, as well as a variety of on-premises storage. This approach combines the control and security of an on-premises solution with the scalability and flexibility of cloud storage.

      You can configure your backups to be stored off-site in Acronis Cloud Storage or integrate with public clouds such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, providing additional layers of data protection and disaster recovery options.

      This hybrid storage strategy ensures that your data is protected against local outages and physical damage while taking advantage of the cloud for additional redundancy and accessibility.
    • How does Acronis Cyber Protect's backup solution adapt to the unique needs of Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS)?

      Acronis Cyber Protect's backup solution is particularly well-suited to the unique needs of Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for several reasons:
      1. Customizable Backup Plans: Acronis Cyber Protect allows for the creation of customizable backup plans tailored to the specific requirements of OT and ICS environments. This includes setting up backups based on the unique operational schedules and maintenance windows of industrial systems to avoid interrupting production processes.
      2. Robust Protection Against Threats: OT and ICS are increasingly targeted by cyber threats, and Acronis Cyber Protect provides a multi-layered defense strategy, which includes proactive anti-malware and anti-ransomware protection to safeguard critical infrastructure.
      3. System Recovery and Continuity: For industries where uptime is critical, Acronis Cyber Protect ensures minimal downtime with quick and reliable system recovery, including bare-metal restore capabilities. This is essential for restoring industrial systems to operational status swiftly after an incident.
      4. Secure Remote Management: Acronis Cyber Protect enables secure remote management of backup operations, which is beneficial for OT and ICS environments that are often distributed across various locations, including remote and inaccessible sites.
      5. Compatibility with Legacy Systems: Many OT and ICS environments operate on legacy systems that require specialized backup solutions. Acronis Cyber Protect is capable of backing up older systems, ensuring comprehensive coverage without the need to replace existing infrastructure.
      6. Streamlined Compliance: OT and ICS often operate in highly regulated industries. Acronis Cyber Protect aids in maintaining compliance with industry regulations regarding data protection and privacy.
      7. Hybrid Cloud and On-Premises Backup: Acronis Cyber Protect supports both cloud and on-premises backup, providing flexibility for OT and ICS environments to choose the most suitable storage solution and to ensure redundancy.
    • My environment contains new as well as a variety of legacy OS. Does Cyber Protect support this?

      Certainly, Acronis Cyber Protect stands out for its comprehensive support across diverse operating systems, which is particularly advantageous for multi-site enterprises and specialized industrial IT environments that often operate a mix of new and legacy systems across different locations.

      For multi-site enterprises, Acronis Cyber Protect offers centralized management capabilities, allowing IT administrators to streamline the protection of various operating systems across multiple locations from a single console. This is particularly beneficial for maintaining consistency in backup and security protocols across the entire organization, regardless of the geographical dispersion of its operations.

      In the context of specialist industrial IT, which may include Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Acronis Cyber Protect’s support for legacy systems ensures that even older machinery, often critical to production and operations, remains protected against disruptions. The software’s ability to handle a wide array of legacy systems means that industrial setups can rely on modern backup and cybersecurity without the need to overhaul their existing infrastructure.

      Furthermore, Acronis Cyber Protect is engineered to be flexible, not only in terms of OS compatibility but also in accommodating the unique security requirements and operational challenges of industrial systems. Its robust backup capabilities are coupled with advanced security measures, such as AI-based ransomware protection, which are crucial for defending the specialized software and systems that run on older operating systems in industrial environments.

      Overall, Acronis Cyber Protect provides a reliable and adaptable solution for the complex needs of multi-site enterprises and industrial IT, ensuring business continuity, data integrity, and system availability across the full spectrum of operating system generations.
    • What recovery options are available with Acronis Cyber Protect for enterprise multi-site and industrial organizations?

      Acronis Cyber Protect offers a range of robust recovery options that are particularly valuable for enterprise multi-site and industrial organizations, which require quick restoration capabilities across diverse and complex environments:
      1. Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR): This feature allows the restoration of a system to the same or dissimilar hardware, which is critical in an industrial setting where specific machines may be running legacy systems.
      2. One-Click Recovery: Users can restore systems and data with a single click, without IT dependece, significantly reducing the complexity and time required for recovery operations. This is especially useful for multi-site enterprises that may need to perform simultaneous recoveries across various locations.
      3. Granular Recovery: For precise operations, organizations can recover specific files, folders, applications, or databases without having to restore an entire system, thus minimizing downtime and impact on production.
      4. Continuous Data Protection: Changes in critical apps and systems are continuously backed up, allowing for real-time recovery points and minimizing data loss in fast-paced industrial operations.
      5. Remote Recovery: With the capability to perform recovery tasks remotely, IT teams can manage disaster recovery efforts across multiple sites without needing physical access to the hardware, ideal for geographically dispersed industrial environments.
      6. Automated Recovery Processes: Acronis Cyber Protect can automate the recovery process, ensuring that systems are restored quickly and according to predefined policies, which is vital for maintaining operational continuity in complex enterprise infrastructures.

      These recovery options are designed to ensure that multi-site and industrial organizations can maintain resilience against disruptions, quickly recover from incidents, and continue operations with minimal impact, regardless of the scale and scope of their IT ecosystems.
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