Acronis Unveils Three New Solutions at Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2019

SB delivers keynote at Acronis Global Cyber Summit

Acronis Founder and Executive Officer Serguei “SB” Beloussov just delivered his keynote address to the Acronis Global Cyber Summit – and the room is buzzing.

That’s because SB used his time with the Acronis community to announce several new technologies that Acronis is rolling out – including a groundbreaking product and the platform that will accelerate the cyber protection revolution.

After SB got the crowd energized with his vision of cyber protection, showing how it is revolutionizing the IT industry, Acronis announced three new cyber protection solutions.

  • Acronis Cyber Protect, which integrates seven key protection needs into one easy-to-use solution – including backup, disaster recovery, AI-based protection against malware, data authenticity certification and validation, vulnerability assessment, patch management and remote assistance.
  • Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, which delivers a cost-efficient, easy-to-use and reliable hyper-converged infrastructure for hosting cyber protection.
  • Acronis Cyber Platform, which provides third-parties the ability to customize, extend and integrate Acronis Cyber Protection – as well as access Acronis’ larger ecosystem.

“Why are we doing all that? It’s very simple: to provide comprehensive cyber protection,” SB explained, adding the additional benefit was “to provide great margin and market opportunities for partners.”

For those who could not attend the Summit, here’s a very quick recap and more detailed look at each of these new innovations.

Need for cyber protection

Today’s data volume explosion is causing a variety of protection and security challenges for organizations around the world – things like increased complexity of IT systems, greater cost for data storage and IT personnel, and defending data and IT enviroments against ever-evolving cyberthreats.

The video introduction to the Summit highlighted how modern solutions need to address the Five Vectors of Cyber Protection...creating opportunities for MSPs, resellers, and developers.

Each of the new innovations unveiled by Acronis helps each of them in some way.

Acronis Cyber Protect

The Acronis Cyber Protect is the first all-in-one cyber protection solution covering all parts of NIST Cybersecurity Framework – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. All of Acronis Cyber Protect’s capabilities are available through a single lightweight agent, managed from a modern management console with web experience optimized for mobile devices.

Acronis Chief Development Officer Nick Grebennikoff gave a demonstration of the new product to show how a single agent install solves the problem of agent-fatigue that’s dreaded by IT administrators – while illustrating how the integration of Acronis’ AI-based behavioral anti-virus with a traditional signature-based solution not only enables fast detection but prevents re-infection of a malware strain.

Designed for enterprise edge, endpoint and medium-size datacenter workloads, Acronis Cyber Protect’s integrated approach to management allows IT professionals to deploy and supervise their organization’s entire cyber protection strategy from a single interface.

The announcement of Acronis Cyber Protect was met with a lot of optimism and excitement by the partners. "It is so easy to implement a backup solution in five minutes,” said Roy Adir, CEO Reline. “It will be amazing to give a security solution in five minutes."  

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

Our VP of Cyber Infrastructure Alex Miro then introduced Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. This universal software-defined infrastructure solution uses industry-standard hardware and combines compute, software-defined network, block, file, and object storage workloads. Made specifically for cyber protection workloads, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure offers the lowest cost on the market for secondary data storage and management, as well as a reliable and secure environment for running the Acronis Cyber Platform and solutions based on the platform.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure offers self-service portal for resource provisioning to end customers in multi-tenant systems with isolation between independent workloads and projects operating in a shared environment. Application-consistent snapshots of virtual machine volumes compatible with Linux and Microsoft Windows deployments. High availability for virtual machines with automatic workload restores in case of mode failure.

Acronis Cyber Platform

The next innovative announcement presented was the Acronis Cyber Platform, which is the foundation of all Acronis services. It features a series of APIs supported by software development kits (SDK) and sample code, which he announced Acronis is opening to ISVs and partners.

Acronis President and COO Stas Protassov noted that by accessing the platform, developers can protect new data sources, add new data storage locations, implement new data management functionality, and integrate their applications with Acronis cyber protection solutions. As a result, ISVs, OEMs, service providers, and resellers can integrate Acronis into their application, systems or marketplaces, driving new revenue and solving the challenges faced by their customers and the entire Acronis ecosystem.

New Product Workshop

Customers and partners who are interested in learning more about these new innovations will have the opportunity for a deep-dive on Wednesday, when Acronis will hold a workshop and training program focused on these new products.

To see SB’s full keynote and get all of the details regarding these innovative announcements, you can stream the presentation at the Summit video page.