Failed Testing: Another Hidden Hazard of DIY DR

Building a disaster recovery site can be an exciting project for ambitious IT teams. It involves a great deal of planning and results in a high degree of satisfaction once the environment is complete, the budget is justified and the equipment is procured and configured. Overall it is a gratifying experience– until it’s time to test the solution.

Designing a DR testing scenario can be a project in itself. Significant capital expense has to be justified for building the DR site and the return on investment cannot be realized until a test has been developed. Most companies will plan scheduled downtime, take production systems offline, and test the DR site with production offline. This typically involves many hours of late night and weekend work for the IT staff and for the application owners.

If the testing is unsuccessful, these complications and costs are multiplied. Get tips for a successful DR test in the nScaled white paper The 5 Things That Can Go Wrong With DIY Disaster Recovery5 Things That Can Go Wrong With DIY DR