Live from IoTTSA: Defending your clients against modern cyberthreats

Acronis Channel experts reveal how to defend MSP clients against cyberthreats

Managed service providers (MSPs) entered 2021 with an undeniable target on their backs. The cyberthreat landscape that emerged through the chaos of the ongoing COVID pandemic saw new attacks in the headlines every week, with MSPs in particular in the crosshairs. This makes sense, given that a single successful attack on an MSP may grant a cybercriminal to the private data of all of their clients at once.

You only need to look to last month’s SolarWinds breach – dubbed “one of the most sophisticated and successful cyberattacks on Western government institutions and businesses in history” – to see the damage these attacks can cause. And, what’s worse, industry experts forecast that cyberthreats targeting MSPs are going to keep rising.

At this week’s IoTTSA Beyond the Curve event, service providers will have the opportunity to learn more about the unique cyberthreats that face their organizations and their clients – while exploring the best practices and technologies that can ensure they stay protected and profitable in 2021 and beyond. In particular, registered attendees can look forward to joining Acronis Head of Community Amy Luby and VP of Cyber Protection Research Candid Wüest on January 20 at 2:55 pm EST for their session: Don’t Become Obsolete!

Expert insight into the IT Channel’s modern cyberthreats

Cyberattacks in 2020 exploited the disarray caused by the pandemic to strike at MSPs through a wide variety of techniques, including poorly configured remote access software, vulnerabilities, lack of two-factor authentication (2FA), and phishing. As a result, many service providers fell victim to data exfiltration and data breaches – in each case potentially exposing their clients’ personal and confidential data to the world.

In their session at this week’s IoTTSA event, Amy Luby and Candid Wüest will lead a deep-dive into this wave of attacks, analyzing malware data from more than 100,000 unique endpoints from around the world to identify the specific vectors and vulnerabilities cybercriminals use to attack MSPs, what flaws allow for their attacks to succeed, and what MSP businesses can do to more reliably protect themselves and their clients moving forward.

Our recommended defense: cyber protection

Much of the damage caused by modern cyberattacks is because of weak, outdated technologies that are assembled into complex solution stacks that fail to address all known security gaps. To solve these problems – and provide comprehensive protection for your MSP business and your clients – our Channel and cybersecurity experts recommend an integrated cyber protection solution like Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

By combining anti-malware, vulnerability assessment, patch management, RMM, and backup capabilities into a single agent running under a family of Windows operating systems, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud equips MSPs with the tools they need to detect and eliminate cyberthreats and – should any get through – rapidly recover and immediately restore unaltered data from a backup.

Learn more about how an integrated cyber protection solution can defend your clients in the year ahead today at IoTSSA. Register now to reserve your seat and get the comprehensive protection you need to stay secure and keep growing in 2021.