Power User Insights: File Manager in True Image’s WinPE Recovery Media

a43 file manager

Power User Insights are guest blogs written by advanced users who share their tips, tactics and techniques so you can get the most out of Acronis products.

Paul Larini has been using Acronis True Image and making it work in WinPE for many years. He developed MustangPEBuilder to make customizing WinPE with Acronis software easy for thousands of users.

When it comes to running and restoring your system, the more control and customization you have the better. Yet it seems that in their efforts to make computers less prone to user error, the default options for managing files have become a bit watered down.

But did you know that Acronis True Image’s WinPE bootable recovery media contains a very useful file manager that can help you retain control? Here’s how you can access it.

First, you must create a WinPE version of the recovery media. On the main window of Acronis True Image, select the “Tools” tab. You will see the following screen where you will click the “Recovery Media Builder.”

a43 file manager - Recovery Media Builder

Once open, you will see the following screen allowing you to choose the bootable media type:

a43 file manager bootable media type

When you select “WINPE-BASED MEDIA WITH ACRONIS PLUG-IN,” you’ll be asked to choose a destination for the WinPE media. In this example, we’ll select the USB flash drive connected to G: drive:

a43 file manager

The recovery media will be created, which automatically contains the A43 File Manager. You can use this feature to examine the disks on the computer booted with the recovery media. When the media is booted, the main window of Acronis True Image will be displayed. Behind that window you’ll find an open command window, which you should bring to the front. Then all you need to do to launch the file manager is enter the following line:

“X: \Program Files\Acronis\TrueImageHome\A43\A43.exe”


a43 file manager

The A43 File Manager program will start:

a43 file manager

You will be able to view and move files using the program. While drag and drop doesn’t work in WinPE, A43 allows you to cut, copy and paste files to copy or move them. You can also create new folders with the program. The A43 File Manager also has a feature to allow you to map a network share to a drive letter in the “Tools” menu item. This will help you to get familiar with the file structure so you can find any Acronis True Image backup files you may need.


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