Shared Article: Overcoming Fear Of The Cloud

In my perusing of various blogs and articles this morning I ran across this one, “Overcoming Fear Of The Cloud

A paragraphs in the article says:

“The fears range from the personal (Will I lose my job?) to the operational (How can we make sure we are backed up?) to the strategic (Will we be locked in to one cloud?). Some of the fears expose long-standing weaknesses in traditional IT practices, while others are new to the cloud. While most of us don’t like to admit we are constrained by fear, it is worth taking an inventory of these fears to see if we are missing out on important opportunities.”

The author, Dan Woods, outlines the following fears that seem to surface about the adoption of cloud computing.  But, it’s his conclusion after wards about what the real fear should be that I found most interesting.  The fears are:

  • Ceding Control
  • Loosing Data
  • Security
  • Complexity
  • Learning Curve
  • Lock-In
  • Job Loss

He then goes on to say, “the biggest fear IT people should have about the cloud is failing to understand its true business value.”  In other words, not learning how to properly apply cloud computing to our business needs could be far more damaging to a person, firm, or company that shying away or waiting to see.

I couldn’t agree more with this statement.  I have personally been involved with cloud computing from it’s earliest beginnings I have used cloud computing computing business and technology models dozens of times to transform, enable, and benefit one company after another for years. I know exactly how powerful it can be and it is not just about the cost/price.  But, more on that later.

nScaled is designed from the ground up to take advantage of cloud computing.  That is one of the important reasons it is able to offer so much for such competitive prices as a result.

That Forbes article was a good read and I’d encourage you to visit the Forbes site and read the full article as it was interesting.