Why Only You Should Be in Control of Your Data Protection

You, as an IT professional, always want everything to happen according to plan. You want to arrive at your desk in the morning, have your coffee, do your job and have everything go along smoothly. When you design a project, you strive to avoid complications, limitations, hurdles, and hassles.

If you are like most human beings, you crave control. Defined as “the belief that one has the ability to make a difference in the course or the consequences of some event or experience; often helpful in dealing with stress”, control helps you deal with anxiety — and in many circumstances — avoid it altogether.

Being in control is also important when you plan improvements to your IT infrastructure. You are the one that should make decisions based on your experience and business needs, not based on restrictions and limitations of software, hardware, or services.

This applies to data protection solutions as well. Shouldn’t you be able to do the following?

  • Control which systems and what data you want to protect — your servers, virtual hosts, applications, endpoints, and/or mobile devices.
  • Control where your backup copies are stored — on disks, network storage, or in the cloud – and a combination of the three.
  • Control how you access the interface — locally or remotely, from your PC or your tablet.
  • Control your data protection.

Don’t let software vendors try to wrestle the control out of your hands? Don’t tolerate letting a vendor dictate that you must virtualize your entire infrastructure? It is your decision.

Regain Control of Your Data Protection Infrastructure

Now’s the time to regain control of your infrastructure and data protection! Choose a solution that gives you the “ability to make a difference” by putting the control back into your hands – including your deployment models, licensing, infrastructure, storage, data, migration, and recovery objectives.

Only Acronis Backup 12 allows you to Control Your Data Destiny.

Now you can try it yourself. Check out the Acronis Backup 12 beta version here, and see how you can regain control of your IT infrastructure and the way you manage data protection.