Data Protection

The philosophy of cyber protection: An interview with Candid Wüest

Our very own VP of Cyber Protection Research, Candid Wüest, recently sat down for a video interview with Katie Teitler, Senior Analyst at cybersecurity analyst firm TAG Cyber. Candid and Katie spoke about the philosophy of cyber protection — the integration of data protection and cybersecurity — and how Acronis has translated this into its flagship solution, Acronis Cyber Protect.

SaaS backup: Lessons from OVHcloud’s data center fire

In the wee hours of Wednesday, March 10, 2021, a fire destroyed or damaged four major data centers operated by OVHcloud, the French company that is Europe’s largest operator of cloud infrastructure.

The conflagration in Strasbourg in Eastern France took down millions of websites across Europe and Africa, including government agency portals, banks, retailers, news websites, and an estimated 2% of the entire .FR country domain. Despite a quick response, 100 local firefighters were neither able to contain the blaze nor identify its cause.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.5: Introducing new updates

Data has become the world’s most valuable resource, and is at the core of everyday operations for nearly every business. Organizations and service providers are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of their data centers — and to meet the shifting needs of their userbase with minimal expense.

Today, we’re announcing a significant update to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure that will introduce new capabilities and performance enhancements, improving manageability while strengthening the security and availability of business-critical data.

Elevate your game with the Acronis #TeamUp Program

In the world of elite sports, every advantage matters. That’s why so many global sporting giants rely on extensive data collection and analysis to find their edge over the competition — and why 50+ sports teams already partner directly with Acronis to help defend their workloads and keep them #CyberFit.

Now, Acronis is proud to announce the Acronis Sports #TeamUp Program — a unique opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver Acronis’ cyber protection solutions to world-class sports properties, while enjoying a boost to brand exposure and a rich array of other perks.

Global sporting elite protect their edge with Acronis

What’s one thing the world’s leading sports teams have in common? They’re increasingly relying on data to elevate their game.

Acronis is a leading provider of cyber protection solutions to top-tier professional teams around the world. In the last year alone, more than 15 new global sports giants partnered with Acronis to ensure their data, applications, and systems remain safe and reliable.

With over 50 partnerships in our #CyberFit Sports portfolio, we’re currently protecting over 6,000 workloads and more than 2 PB of critical data that elite competitors count on to protect their edge.

New CyberFit Partner Program to power channel growth

There’s been an unprecedented shift in how service providers and resellers are tasked with keeping their clients productive and protected. The adoption of cloud-based solutions and services was well underway before the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated that transformation. Acronis’ cloud ecosystem more than doubled since 2018.

While new client demands can mean new strains for our channel partners, Acronis wants to make things easier – and more profitable – for you. That’s why we’ve unveiled the new Acronis #CyberFit Partner Program.

Celebrating 40 years of Data Privacy Day

Each year, January 28 marks a global effort to highlight one of the most important aspects of our digital world: data privacy.

That’s because the first legally-binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection, Convention 108, was ratified by the Council of Europe on January 28, 1981 — 40 years ago today. Americans commemorate the signing with Data Privacy Day, while Europeans observe the same anniversary as Data Protection Day.

Whatever you call the day, in the 40 years since the signing, the importance of data privacy has probably never been higher than it is today.

How CloudTech S.A.S. boosted RPO by 50% and protected customers with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

As a managed service provider, you know how important choosing the right vendor can be. Businesses live and die by the quality of their IT services, and when your clients aren't getting what they require, it’s a risk to their livelihood and to your own. That’s the situation that CloudTech S.A.S. found themselves in when Arcserve’s data backup solution was no longer meeting their needs.

Service providers looking for the best Arcserve alternative should consider tested solutions that have already delivered incredible results for others in the IT channel. A recent case study details how Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud helped CloudTech take their service offerings to the next level.

December release of Acronis Cyber Cloud empowers MSPs

For IT service providers, the challenge of ensuring clients are protected has never been more acute than in 2020. That’s why Acronis has spent the past 12 months helping you deliver cyber protection to your clients in an easy, efficient, and secure way.

This year, we introduced monthly releases for the Acronis Cyber Cloud platform, delivered more partner enablement by launching the Acronis #CyberFit Academy, and opened more data centers across the globe to ensure availability, access, and data sovereignty.

But the year isn’t over yet and we have one more release of Acronis Cyber Cloud coming that will help you further protect your clients and their data. Cyber Backup leads the pack in G2’s Winter 2021 Grid® Report

Acronis is honored to have received eight #1 badges in the Winter 2021 G2 Reports, cementing its status as an industry leader in online backup, server backup, and disaster recovery. These reports indicate that — based on detailed reviews from actual business users — Acronis’ solutions are performing at the highest level for customers.