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New integration: MSPs can now manage Acronis via Kaseya VSA

We’ve worked hard to ensure Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – which unifies backup, cybersecurity, and protection management capabilities in one solution designed for MSPs – integrates with the popular RMM and PSA systems that service providers rely on.

Recently, we added to our list of integrations so that Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can now be monitored and run via the Kaseya VSA platform.

Canalys adds Acronis to Endpoint Security Performance Index

With the launch of Acronis Cyber Protect in 2020, we began to compete in other sectors above and beyond backup and recovery. With integrated anti-malware, vulnerability assessments, and URL filtering, Acronis started looking more like an endpoint protection solution – and it seems the analyst community took notice.

Most notably, the market research firm Canalys recently began including Acronis in their Endpoint Security Vendor Performance Index, and our unified solutions performed very well.

Acronis True Image now supports Apple Silicon Macs

Acronis True Image for macOS now runs on Apple Silicon Macs

If you are following the IT news and especially if you're a Mac user, you surely are aware of the introduction of the first Macs with the M1 chip last November. The M1 chip is the culmination of more than a decade of Apple's work creating chips for the iPhone and the iPad.

Today, we are happy to announce that Acronis True Image, the only personal cyber protection solution, now supports Apple Silicon.

Malwarebytes targeted by cyberattack group that hit SolarWinds

You don’t have to work in cybersecurity to be aware of the recent discovery that a sophisticated state actor had potentially compromised tens of thousands of private companies and government institutions in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. The means was a software supply-chain: attackers breached the software distribution infrastructure of tech vendor SolarWinds, embedding malware in its popular Orion network management tool. When customers downloaded the latest Orion product update, the malware surreptitiously spread throughout their organizations, in many cases finding and forwarding sensitive data to external servers controlled by the attackers.

Now comes news that SolarWinds was not the only victim of this Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack. Cybersecurity vendor Malwarebytes disclosed earlier this week that it had also been victimized by the same threat actors.

How close is the reality of self-repairing endpoints?

The concept of self-repairing or self-healing endpoints holds tremendous appeal to any IT pro responsible for an organization’s cyber resiliency because they promise reduced complexity and better-deployed resources. In this article, which originally appeared in Information Security Magazine, Acronis VP of Cyber Protection Research Candid Wüest shows how many managed services providers (MSPs) and corporate sysadmins are already seeing the early benefits of self-repairing endpoints because they have adopted a cyber protection approach.

Acronis acquires DeviceLock - DLP leader

Acronis is constantly evolving and expanding our suite of cyber protection solution to meet an ever-changing threat landscape. Sometimes our evolution is facilitated through our own innovations. Other time, we see a vendor who already has an effective solution and consider acquiring them.

Today, we are announcing the latter with Acronis’ acquisition of DeviceLock, a leading provider of endpoint device/port control and data loss prevention (DLP) software for enterprises and government institutions around the world.