• Phase 1: Mainstream support
    Phase 1: Mainstream support
    Starts from the release date and lasts until the next product version is released. The entire scope of support services is provided during this phase.
  • Phase 2: Extended support
    Phase 2: Extended support
    Starts when the Mainstream Support phase ends and lasts for a specific duration (usually one year or until the next-but-one product version is released). Limited support services are provided.
  • Phase 3: Self-Service support
    Phase 3: Self-Service support
    Available for three additional years after the Extended Support phase ends. It includes Acronis online Knowledge Base articles, FAQs, troubleshooting tools, and other resources to help customers resolve common issues.

Phases of the Support Lifecycle for Consumer Products

Type of Support
Product documentation, Knowledge Base articles, and forum help available on the Acronis website
Complimentary support for recovery issues *
Full support by Acronis Support, including investigation by developers for all severity issues *
Product hotfixes/patches for blocker issues, security issues, OS support updates, support volume drivers **
Product hotfixes/patches for selected issues of any severity level **
Cumulative updates, including new functionality

* A solution or workaround will be provided. An upgrade is considered a valid solution if no other options are available.

** A fix is not guaranteed for all bugs. Triage and fix is at Acronis’ discretion.

Full support is guaranteed for the latest minor version of the product. Customers are encouraged to update to the latest available build to ensure they have the most stable and secure version of the product.

Free technical support for home products is provided on time-limited basis (usually till the end of calendar year for the immediate previous version after new product is released).

During the trial period, support is only provided for the current version of the product.

Support Lifecycle of Consumer Products

The Acronis Products Lifecycle Support Policy is intended exclusively for the benefit of existing Acronis Customers who have purchased Acronis products. It is not intended to apply to other products or to any other third parties. Acronis reserves the right to make changes to its Product Lifecycle Support Policy at its sole discretion and as business needs require. Acronis will update policy statements on the Acronis website to reflect any changes upon their effective date.

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