• Bugfix

    A change to a product that fixes the unwanted behavior exhibited by a bug.

  • Hotfix

    A cumulative package that resolves some specific issues found within the current release.

  • Patch

    A separate package designed to fix issues or improve the current release.

  • Severity

    The measure of the impact caused by the issue. There are four levels:

    • Severity A (Critical): Key aspects of backup systems are down or non-operational. These key aspects include backup creation, backup recovery, backup validation, deployment, disk management, product installation failures, unbootable/crashing system, and significant system performance degradation preventing backup core functions.
    • Severity B (High): Major product functions do not work, such as problems with the connection, centralized management, the scheduler, boot management, cloning, bootable media/secure zone/vault creation, and pre/post operations.
    • Severity C (Moderate): Product functionality is impacted, but most operations continue. Examples of Severity C issues include product performance degradation, logging errors, undocumented behavior, and notification failures.
    • Severity D (Low): Product functionality is not impacted. Examples of Severity D issues include problems with customer service, pre-sales, and website-related queries; minor usability, the GUI (Graphical User Interface), how-to questions, product information requests (functionality, requirements, setup, etc.), and feedback.

    Acronis Support reserves the right to amend the severity of the incident if it was not reasonably categorized when first reported.

    Complete details are provided at Acronis Support.

  • Update (minor version)

    A newer build within the same version of Acronis software. Updates are usually free of charge and can be downloaded from your Personal Account.

  • Upgrade

    A new major, standalone version of an Acronis product.

  • Workaround

    Temporary fix allowing you to bypass a recognized product problem. A workaround is used when a permanent solution is not available or yet included in a release.

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