Lessons in Beating Ransomware From a Jedi Master

Luke Skywalker: I'm not afraid!
Yoda: Ehh. You will be. You will be.

(The Empire Strikes Back)

If you’re not yet worried about ransomware, wait a little while. Given the meteoric rise of this new malware threat, it is inevitable that you or someone you know will suffer from an attack that can disrupt your business for days and costs thousands of dollars to mitigate. If you don’t know anything about the subject, you’re in decent company: a recent study showed that 60% of US office workers have no idea what ransomware is or how much of a threat it poses to businesses.

James Key, Toro Rosso Technical Chief (Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)

James Key, Toro Rosso Technical Chief (Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)

Aggressive looks, fat tyres and more speed — the new season is going to be amazing! The revolutionary changes in the 2017 Formula One Technical Regulations are about to unleash the bull under the bonnet of the new STR12 and Toro Rosso fans can’t wait to see it on the track.

For years FIA has been adding performance restrictions to reduce speed and increase driver safety. Next year, some of these restrictions will be rolled back, giving cars a noticeable performance boost, enhanced speed and beautiful new contours.

Universal Software-Defined Storage (SDS) – A Better Way to Manage Your Storage Infrastructure

What is SDS? So, just what we need, another acronym.  Right? But what we do need is a way to manage storage software separately from the underlying hardware. That’s SDS — Software Defined Storage.  

It’s a relatively new term that is being bandied about a lot lately, and not everyone uses it exactly the same. However, the simplest and most basic definition is that SDS decouples storage software from the hardware where data lives to achieve continuous availability, faster performance, higher efficiency, unlimited scalability, and reduced costs.

Back Up Your Carousel of Nostalgia: Don Draper Would Approve

My dad had the coolest Nikkormat film camera and lenses. He shot vacations and family events almost exclusively on 35mm color slides. He taught me about f-stops and depth of field and Super 8 movies. Our basement darkroom reeked of stop bath and always had black-and-white prints hanging to dry. We even had a separate circuit for the red safelight.

Service Providers: Fight Ransomware, Become a Superhero to Your Customers

We’ve spend the last few weeks examining various aspects of ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts computer hard drives and demands an online ransom of hundreds or thousands of dollars for the decryption key, without which users can never access their files again. In both its effectiveness and its astonishingly rapid proliferation, it represents a unique new threat both to consumers and businesses. Its ease of use by low-skilled criminals, highly-leveraged distribution model, and versatility at defeating a range of endpoint security measures is unprecedented in the history of malware. By denying access to critical applications, a ransomware attack can cost a business tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, damage the brand, and even (when hospitals and public safety organizations are the victims) put lives at risk.

It’s Get To Know Your Customers Day — Let’s Get Connected

At Acronis, our Customers are our biggest priority — why else would we put our time and energy into innovation that protects your digital life to the highest degree? We care, and we want to prove it through actions, not words.

That brings us to today, which is Get To Know Your Customers Day — and even though we’ve been doing this since the beginning, we want to make sure we’re continuing to strengthen our relationships with you, our Customers, by reaching out, saying hello, and swapping backup stories.

Building a Private Cloud for Backup Storage

Managed backup and data storage is a hot business in today’s highly-connected data-heavy environment. According to the Spiceworks State of IT 2016 spending report, managed backup and storage services is one of the top business investments, brandishing up to 13% of total budget allocation. Acronis Backup Cloud is designed for resellers and service providers to address this opportunity directly, with a hybrid cloud backup service that protects your customers’ data wherever it may reside.

Photos, Videos, and Contacts: How Valuable Is Your Mobile’s Data?

Just like millions of other people, my wife uses her mobile phone for almost everything – to keep track of important activities, search for babysitters, look up tutors for our daughters, order food, mobile banking, paying bills and much more. Mobile phones are great – they save a lot of time. But most of us store data on our phones without even considering what might happen if they’re lost. Just pause for a moment and think: does your phone have the only copy of your photos, contacts, and other important info? Will you be able to recover it if you lose your phone? We’ve learnt our lesson a difficult way.

Top 10 Server & Application IT Monitoring Tools

Today’s businesses and organizations are increasingly relying on web applications and corresponding IT infrastructures to streamline their operations, and engage their customers. However, the complex digital environment, comprising of a diversity of networks, devices and technologies may prevent delivery of a meaningful user experience.

Organizations should therefore continuously monitor and test their networks, servers, applications as well as business logic to ensure that they provide the best user experience to keep their customers satisfied.

Hyper-V Story of Bill, Ted, and Matthew


Our story began many months ago, in a small, but very techy town on the eastern coast of Florida. The small office building couple of blocks from the beach was home to two young, small, but promising companies – let’s call them Bee Business Solutions and Tee Technologies.

Both companies had an IT team of one – Bill handled Bee’s systems, and Ted worked in Tee. Needless to say, they were best buddies.

Almost at the same time, they realized that their companies have run out of server capacity, as they needed to run more data workloads. But they didn’t have the budget to buy more servers. So, they decided to use Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology on old servers instead.