Why Do You Really Need Backup?

For you, like for many IT professionals, backup is time-consuming, and very often, simply a boring task. Backup should be simple, right? Take your data and create a copy somewhere else in case you lose the original. Yet, you have to spend time and effort to find the best solution, implement it, manage and monitor it, report to your manager – and do numerous other things with backup storage, hardware and the network – all just to backup.

You think to yourself: “All of this effort just so I can restore a file or a system some day?”

Well, there is more to it than that!

So, why do you really back up?

Backup is About More than Restore

Of course, restore is an essential function of your backup solution – maybe even the cornerstone. But restoring servers, files and workstations is not the end game – not even close.

Ransomware is the latest kind of malware: When a computer is infected via a hacked website or infected attachment, some or all of its data is encrypted and made unavailable — until the victim pays a ransom to the anonymous criminal. In other words, victims’ personal data can be held hostage to a new category of cybercrime.

A recent Tech Crunch article reflects the U.S. Feberal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) findings that in 2015, the bureau received 2,500+ Ransomware complaints, representing $24 million in losses. These incidents are becoming more prevalent, more public, and hitting both individuals and organizations.

Hello! My name is Gaidar Magdanurov. A few months ago I started as the new General Manager for the Acronis True Image business, and you will be reading more from me here in the future.

Our team is happy to announce the availability of a new update for Acronis True Image 2016 that brings a few new features into the product. The update is available to all Acronis True Image 2016 and Acronis True Image Cloud customers now.

Let me call out a few features that were among the most requested in our User Forums and through feedback forms in the product.

NVMe and eMMC drives support on Windows - Acronis True Image and the bootable media now fully support ultra-fast NVM Express drives, as well as eMMC storage, meaning that we support most of the new devices available on the market.

IT disasters can disrupt you entire business – from manufacturing to procurement, operations, HR, Finance, Customer Support, and IT. To that end, common sense would suggest that the entire business be involved in IT disaster recovery and planning activities – that means every department.

However, some organizations put the brunt of the IT disaster recovery planning on mid-level personnel in the IT department, mistakenly believing that only IT should be involved rather than a broader representation from all areas, and even executives. The result: incomplete and inadequate business continuity plans that do not take into account the needs of the end-to-end business, and cost significantly more when it comes to resources and downtime.

Recently, the head of our Acronis True Image business Gaidar Magdanurov wrote a blog post about meaningful work – why people do what they do and how they can find happiness in authentic work. I’m excited, and yes, happy to be at Acronis. Why? Because providing the best solutions to protect people’s data really does provide value to all of us — individuals, companies, and society. Today, World Backup Day is a great time to reflect on this.

What’s at Stake

New to backup? Learn how to develop an effective backup and recovery plan for your business-critical systems.

Already have a backup plan? Strengthen your strategy with these best practices and useful tips!

1. Choose the right method

Here is a quick rundown of the most common backup methods available:

Mirror Backup creates a mirror copy of the source data. When a source file is deleted, that file is also deleted in the mirror backup automatically.

  • Pros: Fast backups, fast recovery
  • Cons: High risk of data loss

Full Backup captures your entire system and all the data you want to protect. Frequent full backups result in easier recovery operations.

There’s more in that box (or download) than you may think!

A few weeks back I wrote about that sweet feeling you get when you learn something you already own does more than you knew it could. The reality is that Acronis True Image is more like a multi-purpose army knife.  As I wrote in my previous post, yes, you get industry-leading backup and archiving.  But when you peel back the cover, you’ll find out you have a bevy of other data protection tools. Though no bottle opener or scissors. Plus, you can carry Acronis True Image through airport security!

Here are some of those features included with our industry-leading backup tool:

Every day, your business faces new technology, increasing data volumes, and multiple cyber threats. Relax! Rising above today’s data challenges is easier than you think. In honor of World Backup Day, which takes place worldwide on March 31, here are a few ways to improve your backup strategy and keep your business running smoothly.

1. Consider the cloud

Did you know that 60% of all companies close within 6 months of a data disaster?

Local/network backup cannot guard against larger threats like fire, flood, theft, or a cyber-attack! To truly disaster-proof your systems, you need to incorporate secure off-site backup into your strategy. Cloud is your best off-site option—it is fast, secure, and offers easy access to your backups from any browser.   

When choosing cloud backup, look for these critical features:

Make your life easier and share this with relatives and friends who refuse to back their files up!

If you are reading this, you are most likely the “family data protector.”  (That’s a polite way of saying you are the family geek.) Have you ever had to say this to one of those you protect: “Sorry, but that file is gone forever!” Or worse: “Sorry, but everything on your computer is gone!”

Chances are, those people who you brought this bad news to have indeed heard of computer backup, yet probably thought it was too hard or not worthwhile to actually do it.

Your business is at risk! Get smart about your backup before it’s too late. World Backup Day is March 31 and at Acronis we're celebrating all month long with blog posts, special promotions and contests.

Every day, your business faces an increasing number of data challenges that threaten your survival.  Here are the top 4 reasons why it’s time to revisit your backup strategy today:

1. Data Disasters

Although local backup is perfect for daily mishaps, it cannot guard your critical systems against larger threats like fire, flood & theft. The average rate of climate disasters has doubled in the last 5 years, and device theft has reached epidemic proportions due to the popularity of mobile technology.

Did you know?