Acronis Backup 12 Closer Look – Amazon EC2 Backup

There is no surprise that overwhelming majority of companies are choosing cloud solutions, and when it comes to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), most go for the market leader – Amazon EC2.  Yet, not many cloud users realize that the cloud data also needs protection. According to various reports, a whopping 80 percent of organizations using cloud services have lost business data.

Backup or Bust: Advice from a Serial Computer Crasher

What’s more stressful for a high school senior than college application season? Not much. Unless, like me, you spent the last days before application deadlines rewriting your college essay because you lost your original copy when your computer crashed.

Cue the tears.

Nobody ever told me my computer could crash, so I had no way of protecting myself when it did. As a result, I lost everything — my essays, my music, even my vacation photos from my trip to Paris that year!

Criminals are swarming to the ransomware business — and targeting you — because it’s highly profitable

Criminals are swarming to the ransomware business — and targeting you — because it’s highly profitable.

Last week, we offered a high-level overview of the malware menace known as ransomware: what it’s like to be victimized by a ransomware attack (it’s no fun to discover that your hard drive has been encrypted by a malicious program), how the criminals extort money from businesses and consumers (if you don’t pay an online ransom, you never get your files back), and how big this illegal business has become (ransomware criminals will extort $1B from victims in 2016, says the FBI).

Carlos Sainz of Scuderia Toro Rosso looks on as the race engineers prepare his STR11 for a practice session at the Singapore Grand Prix on September 16, 2016

Carlos Sainz of Scuderia Toro Rosso looks on as the race engineers prepare his STR11 for a practice session at the Singapore Grand Prix on September 16, 2016. (Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)

I’ve been following F1 for more than 20 years. It started when I was in college back in the Nineties. Watching all-time great racers like Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher reach the stars of the F1 firmament made me admire their dedication and skill as well as the technology behind their cars. Being a geek myself, I began to dig deeper into the sport, trying to uncover what makes one team better than another on the track.

Hidden Costs of Backup Solutions: Sockets and Cores

We are all too familiar with the concept of hidden costs. You work with your supplier or vendor, and you like their published pricing because it matches your budget. Everything goes well… Until you get the quote (or worse, the invoice) with a much higher figure. What happened? You probably misunderstood the licensing model or there were fees and charges that you were not aware of.

Build Your Own Brand with Acronis White-Label Software

In today’s increasingly digital world, managed service providers (MSPs) fight for their customers’ attention, looking for ways to make them stay and purchase more services. One way to encourage that behavior is to develop a dependable brand of products and services that customers can trust.

While managed service providers can sell multiple services from different brands, it doesn’t build any real loyalty to the company itself. However, if they had their own brand of dependable solutions, customers would be more likely to buy more services of that same brand.

Acronis True Image 2017 Update 1 is Available Now!

Version 2017 build 5554 for Windows, as we call it internally, is now available for download at our website. It’s also automatically available to all Acronis True Image 2017 users, who will soon receive a notification with a kind request to update their software.

The Easiest Way to Back Up iPhone and Android Devices

When my boss told me that the new Acronis True Image app could back up mobile devices directly to a computer over Wi-Fi, I quietly thought to myself that it wasn’t a big deal. But then I realized how convenient it was! No more USB cables, no more struggles to remember to keep your backups current. The Acronis True Image app takes care of it all automatically!

The Monster under Your Bed Is Real, and Its Name Is Ransomware

A heads-up on the nastiest new malware threat of the 21st century

Imagine springing up out of bed early in the morning, ready to confront the challenges of your day head-on. As coffee brews, you fire up your laptop to attend to your ritual morning check-ins: personal and work emails, news and weather sites, Facebook, maybe your Instagram or Pinterest. But when you switch on your machine, the only screen that comes up is an anonymous threat illustrated by a monstrous visage.

As the F1 cars assume their grid positions at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, millions of fans around the world will be glued to their TVs, anticipating the start.

And behind the roar of the Marina Bay Street Circuit, a group of race engineers will also be glued to their screens. But all they’ll see is crucial information conveyed via graphs, charts and numbers, generated by massive amounts of data transmitted from their teams’ racing cars.

Carlos Sainz Jr. driving the Scuderia Toro Rosso STR11 during practice at the Italian Grand Prix at Autodromo on September 2, 2016. (Getty Images / Red Bull content Pool)