What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware

If you don’t know what ransomware is, read on. You’re in danger of losing all of the files on your computer. Ransomware is a small piece of criminal software that highjacks your computer by encrypting your files, denying you access to them, and then demands online payment for their release. It’s one of the most shameless forms of cyber extortion, and in some cases, actual blackmail.

The threat is very real. If you use email, browse websites, spend time on social networks, connect to local networks (at work, at home, or in public spaces), or use removable USB drives, whether on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you are always a click or two away from a ransomware infiltration. Don’t be a victim. Outsmart cyber-criminals with a few simple steps. It’s easy, but only if you know what to look for.

A Day With Toro Rosso in Moscow

Only for a day, but what a day! Acronis invited Scuderia Toro Rosso’s Team Principal Franz Tost and driver Daniil Kvyat to visit Moscow and spend a day with fans, media, and students. If you weren’t there, here is a short summary of what you missed.

A Recipe for Thanksgiving Data Protection

Happy Thanksgiving Americans!  And happy start of holiday seasons to all around the world! 

Remember, when all of those new computers and digital photo and video devices you are giving and getting for gifts mix with holiday travel, you are going to need some protection.  Protection for your data and protection for your devices.  Here are nine things to keep in mind:

Acronis Backup 12 Closer Look — Mac Backup

Having spent more than quarter of a century in IT I have to admit that I am not a Mac user. Like many others, I have other Apple products, but I never used a Mac for a long period of time. My fingers are wired to use a 104-key PC keyboard, not the 78/109 keys of a Mac. I don’t have an idea what the “Command” key is, or what it does.

For sure, I am not alone. It’s no surprise that many other IT departments try to avoid doing anything on a Mac. They even go as far as “We do not support Macs” statement I’ve heard so often in many companies.

Weekly Tech Roundup — November 21

With a news cycle that is constantly churning out content, it might seem impossible to stay up-to-date. Whether you’re wondering about the emerging innovations in blockchain technology, the increasing deviousness of ransomware infections, or the secrecy of major tech corporations—we’ve got you covered.

What did you miss in tech this week?

WestCoast Racing: A Season in Review and Plans for 2017

For the second time this season, Acronis got involved in the TCR International Series, sponsoring Mikhail Grachev, a promising driver from the Swedish team WestCoast Racing, who is chasing his fifth victory this season here at Macau, during the Macau Grand Prix weekend.

We spoke to James Nixon, WestCoast Racing Team Manager about the team’s involvement in the series, Grachev’s performance, and plans for the next season.

Mikhail Grachev in Macau: Data Helps to Achieve Better Results

For the second time this season, Acronis is supporting the TCR International Series’ driver Mikhail Grachev, who is racing for WestCoast in Macau this weekend. We asked Mikhail what he thinks about the race and partnership with Acronis.

Mikhail, could you give us some insight into the last race in Malaysia, and what are your plans for Macau?

I qualified 3rd in Malaysia but we had some issues during the final race. The problem was that we made some mistakes in the car setup and my car wasn’t right for the changed conditions on the track. It affected my chances finishing the race.

Acronis Backup 12 Closer Look — Microsoft Exchange Server Backup

Email has changed the business world forever. Just to think that only 25 years ago there was no email may be a surprise for some. Nowadays your company’s communication relies mostly on email especially if you have remote workforce and multiple offices. Most companies normally use email to communicate with customers, suppliers, partners, media — practically everyone.

Email servers are critical for any organization — it’s safe to say that if your email system malfunctions, your company or your business would suffer greatly. It may even stop operating altogether.

How to Back Up Your Facebook Account

Did you know that you can easily back up your Facebook account: all the photos, videos and status updates you’ve ever posted? We’ve all heard of people losing their social media accounts because of hacking or some other peculiar reason. It’s not something you’d want to experience. But if you do, Acronis True Image backup can take the pain out of that unfortunate situation.

Acronis True Image is all you need

Facebook backup has long been one of the most popular features requested by Acronis True Image users. After careful consideration and a lot of testing, the functionality was introduced in Acronis True Image 2017 release, which remains the most comprehensive personal computer backup software on the market. With Acronis True Image, you can back up your Facebook photos, videos, timeline, comments, liked pages and events.

Weekly Tech Roundup — November 14

In a week that the US Presidential election dominated the headlines, it can be easy to overlook important stories and emerging trends in information technology. Here are a few bellwether IT stories on tech topics that Acronis followed for you: on data protection in the era of the Internet of Things, ongoing growth in the cloud services and software-defined storage markets, and the continued proliferation of the virulent malware threat that is ransomware.

Data Protection and the Internet of Things (IoT)

There are calls for more widespread data protection measures to ensure the digital security of IoT devices. Globally, apps and devices hold a lot of personal data, so it’s vital to have a plan to protect this information.