Weekly Tech Roundup: January 16

Weekly Tech Roundup: January 16

Security was a major theme throughout this week’s news cycle. Malicious ransomware attacks increased and their tactics continued to evolve; predictions cast a gloomy outlook on the state of cybersecurity, projecting that data will become increasingly vulnerable as the year continued; and new cybersecurity innovations were set in motion in the hopes of protecting data across many different sectors.

The week was full of tech headlines, but we handpicked some stories we thought might be interesting to you. What did you miss?

2017 – A Year of Protecting Your Small Business Data

Happy New Year! Your small business is entering the New Year with good growth plans. You plan to open a new shop, outlet, double production capacity and hire new help. You have customers lined up, partners ready to help, and suppliers ready to support you.

Stay safe and protect all your data – servers, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and cloud accounts. This may look like a daunting task, but it’s easy with a great solution like Acronis Backup 12.

Weekly Tech Roundup: January 9

Weekly Tech Roundup: January 9

We’re one week into 2017, but the digital world didn’t take time off for the holiday season. In fact, the new year brought with it major innovations, emerging technologies, and evolving cyber threats that are setting the stage for months to come.  We’ve raked through the big tech stories of the last two weeks to pick out the headlines most interesting to us. What stories did you miss?

Celebrating Our Customers — Thank You for a Great Year!

This has been an amazing year for Acronis — new products, new technologies, new sponsorships, and new friendships. We’d like to thank all our customers who made it possible.

Key Trends in File Sync & Share Market for 2017

2017 will bring many rapid innovations and changes to the Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) market as companies begin large scale migrations to Microsoft Office 365 and EMS, demand a unified view of their hybrid cloud and on premise data infrastructures, and push to further enhance the security of their EFSS solutions to meet market regulations.

Disaster Recovery as a Service — Trends 2017

Next year’s developments in the cloud and data protection space will continue reshaping the DRaaS market. Just recovering data in a different location will no longer be enough. Customers will expect their data to be portable, verifiable, and protected against all types of cyber-attacks.

Most Popular Articles in 2016

During this year we kept our readers informed about the latest products, innovation, and best practices in backup, data storage, cyber security, and data protection in general. We also talked a lot about our partnership with Scudeira Toro Rosso Formula 1 team. Here are some of our most read articles.

The Blockchain Hype Is Over — but the Future Looks Bright for Early Adopters

The hype around blockchain will continue to weaken in 2017, something we already started to notice in the second half of this year. There is a growing realization that blockchain applications are more complex than the oversimplified view presented to the masses over the last few years.

Predictions for the Year in Ransomware: 2017

2016 may have been an ugly year in many ways, but at least ransomware hadn’t yet become the scourge it will be in 2017. It will feature wildly successful, widely-reported ransomware attacks on famous celebrities, large government institutions, huge corporations, and millions of consumers.

Three Major Cloud Adoption Trends for 2017

Next year’s developments in the cloud space will create unprecedented opportunities for service providers and SMB customers. Service providers will be able to grow their business by packaging and reselling ISV hosted services through existing channel ecosystems, without any capital investment. This will also open new opportunities for SMBs, who will continue replacing in-house IT infrastructure with cloud-based services, taking advantage of the Opex model of service consumption.