Protect all your business-critical systems—physical, virtual, and cloud—with one efficient backup solution managed by a single, easy-to-use console.

Designed specifically for larger enterprise environments, Acronis Backup Advanced provides world-class protection and fast, flexible disaster recovery for all systems in your environment, regardless of its complexity.

  • Tailored products support any system type: virtual machines, physical servers, applications, workstations, and more
  • Award-winning backup technology captures an entire system in one quick step
  • Ultra-fast recovery ensures that you are back up and running in minutes, not hours
  • Flexible data recovery can restore anything—from a single email to an entire server
  • Universal Restore technology enables full system recovery to any location—even new, dissimilar hardware
  • Multi-destination support can store backup data anywhere (including the Acronis cloud)
  • Smart backup features reduce network consumption and storage costs

Create your ideal backup solution. Backed by Acronis AnyData Technology, all Acronis Backup Advanced products can work as a stand-alone solution for a specific system type, or together in any combination—for any data, in any environment, across any location. Mix and match products to create a custom solution that protects all physical, virtual, or offsite systems in your company. Regardless of your setup, we will provide exactly what you need—including room to grow!

Management made easy. Acronis Backup Advanced lets you manage and monitor all backup activity for all systems via a single, centralized management console. Designed to work with any Acronis Backup Advanced product in your collection, this web-based dashboard provides quick and easy access to all your system backup processes.

Don’t fear hardware failure. Acronis Backup’s unique Universal Restore technology enables full system recovery to new, dissimilar hardware without any complications! Skip the hassle of locating a machine of the same make/model or operating system—recover an entire disk image to any hardware with a few simple clicks.

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Simplified, Flexible Product Licensing

Acronis Backup Advanced products are packaged to provide everything you need to protect your servers, applications, and workstations—both now and in the future. Additionally, we offer the Acronis Universal License — easy, flexible product licensing designed to support the ever-evolving IT environment. Whether you are switching to a new operating system or migrating a physical server to a virtual machine, the Universal License gives you the flexibility to switch your Acronis Backup Advanced product without having to buy additional licenses.