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Acronis Backup Advanced suite

Unified backup and recovery solutions for multi-system environments

Windows Server | PC | Hyper-V | Exchange | SQL

Acronis Backup

Streamlined protection for specific systems

Acronis Backup Advanced

Unified protection for multiple systems

Acronis Solutions

Efficient solutions to complex problems

Protect all your business-critical systems—physical, virtual, and cloud—with one efficient backup solution managed by a single, easy-to-use console.

Designed specifically for larger enterprise environments, Acronis Backup Advanced provides world-class protection and fast, flexible disaster recovery for all systems in your environment, regardless of its complexity.

  • Tailored products support any system type: virtual machines, physical servers, applications, workstations, and more
  • Award-winning backup technology captures an entire system in one quick step
  • Ultra-fast recovery ensures that you are back up and running in minutes, not hours
  • Flexible data recovery can restore anything—from a single email to an entire server
  • Multi-destination support can store backup data anywhere (including the Acronis cloud)
  • Smart backup features reduce network consumption and storage costs

Create your ideal backup solution. Backed by Acronis AnyData™ Technology, all Acronis Backup Advanced products can work as a stand-alone solution for a specific system type, or together in any combination—for any data, in any environment, across any location. Mix and match products to create a custom solution that protects all physical, virtual, or offsite systems in your company. Regardless of your setup, we will provide exactly what you need—including room to grow!

Management made easy. Acronis Backup Advanced lets you manage and monitor all backup activity for all systems via a single, centralized management console. Designed to work with any Acronis Backup Advanced product in your collection, this web-based dashboard provides quick and easy access to all your system backup processes.

Current Version: Acronis Backup Advanced Version 11.5

Key Features

Disk Image Technology

Disk-level snapshots save complete images of a disk or volume in one simple step (including the operating system, applications, and data). This technology works for both physical and virtual machines.

Centralized Management

Our unified dashboard lets you manage all backup operations for both physical and virtual machines from a single, central location. Assign backup plans to one or more machines, review status updates, and receive alerts—all from one console!

Business Applications Protection

Our patented disk image technology enables consistent backup of running applications. This allows you to backup Exchange , SQL Server, SharePoint, and Active Directory data as you work.  Granular application data may be restored without taking systems offline, protecting your business from expensive downtime.

Compression and Deduplication

Deduplication can be run on either the source or target side to minimize data movement and maximize utilization of storage and network infrastructure. This helps reduce storage costs and minimizes network load.

Multiple Backup Destinations

Store your backups in up to 5 different locations to ensure more flexible, reliable recovery. Combine local disks, attached storage, tape, network storage, and/or cloud locations to minimize your storage costs and provide multiple recovery options in the case of disaster.

more features

Complete Virtual Server Protection

Acronis Backup Advanced products support any popular virtualization technology, providing data protection and migration capabilities between various hypervisors and physical machines.

Dissimilar Hardware Restore

With Acronis Universal Restore technology, you can bare-metal restore your systems to different hardware (booting from bootable media or PXE server). This lets you quickly recover your entire server and minimize expensive downtime.

Backup Operations Scheduling

Acronis backups run automatically based on your specific schedule, but they also offer the flexibility of being triggered by specific events (user logging on/off, machines being powered on/off, and so on).

Backup Schemes

Acronis Backup Advanced products have a set of predefined, industry-standard schemes (such as Grandfather-Father-Son or Tower-of-Hanoi). Custom schemes may be configured with advanced settings.

Catalogues and Indexing

Backup indexing and centralized catalogues help you quickly find a particular version of disk image, file, folder, application database, or individual data item—even if backups are split across different storage media.


Backup operations may be limited with network bandwidth and disk-write speed throttling to minimize the impact of running backups during production hours.

Bare-Metal Restore

Our disk image technology allows you to create an exact replica of the system and user data, and then restore that replica to a new drive in case of critical drive failure.

Encrypted Storage and Communication

Critical backup data can be encrypted with industry-standard 256-bit AES algorithm. All data transmissions are performed over an SSL-encrypted channel by default.

Incremental and Differential Backups

Our incremental & differential backups identify only the changes made since the last backup, significantly reducing backup time and the impact on network usage and backup storage.

Wake-On-LAN Support

Wake-on-LAN functionality will automatically turn on a machine when it is time to run a backup. This ensures execution of the backup plan for that machine, independent of its power state.

Validation and Consolidation

Manual or scheduled automatic validation of backups ensures system and user data are recoverable. Consolidation of incremental backups provides the ability to save additional storage space.

Storage and Retention Policies

Backup data may be automatically moved between various storage locations, and older backups may be deleted to save space for newly created backups.

Simplified Product Licensing

Acronis Backup Advanced products are packaged to provide everything you need to protect your server, applications, and workstations. A Universal License is also available for larger environments that includes access to all products in the Acronis Backup Advanced suite.

AnyData Technology

Acronis AnyData technology provides complete protection across devices, operating systems, virtual environments, applications, and storage locations. . The power of the AnyData technology is to seamlessly blend products from Acronis Backup Advanced Suite in any combination to become a single data protection platform with a common user interface, unified policies, and centralized management.

Products renaming FAQ

Q: Have you renamed some of your products?

A: Yes! We’ve renamed the Acronis Backup & Recovery line of products:

Acronis Backup & Recovery Acronis Backup family
Acronis Backup & Recovery Advanced Server Acronis Backup Advanced suite
Acronis Backup & Recovery Workstation Acronis Backup for PC
Acronis Backup & Recovery Advanced Workstation Acronis Backup Advanced for PC
Acronis Backup & Recovery Online Acronis Backup to Cloud*
Acronis vmProtect Acronis Backup for VMware

*Now with volume-based subscription pricing.

For a more detailed description, check out our product renaming matrix.

Q: Where can I get the latest updates for ABR11.5?

A: Don’t worry, we’ve only changed the name! To update Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5, simply click one of our new Acronis Backup download links. This will download Acronis Backup Version 11.5 (Update 3). This is the same product, now with improved functionality and several bug fixes (see release notes). We strongly recommend that you update your Acronis Backup & Recovery product with this new build.

Q: Will my previously purchased licenses work with the new updates?

A: Certainly! Updating doesn’t require a license. Even if you perform a clean installation on a new machine, your licenses will be accepted.

Q: Why can’t I find Universal Restore and Deduplication add-on options?

A: Good news! This functionality is now available for free, even if you didn’t have it before. All you need to do is update your installation:

  • The Acronis Backup Advanced suite now includes Universal Restore and Deduplication
  • The Acronis Backup family now includes Universal Restore


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