Streamlined Oracle VM Backup Solution

Protect your entire Oracle VM environment with efficient backups, flexible storage, and ultra-fast data recovery—all managed from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Keeping virtual data safe can be a complex undertaking that demands smart, efficient solutions that simplify rather than complicate critical tasks. Keep it simple with Acronis Backup Advanced—the fastest, most efficient way to protect your entire Oracle VM environment.

Full Oracle VM Backups
Acronis Backup Advanced combines patented image-based backups with seamless Oracle VM integration to capture your entire setup quickly and easily.

Application Support
Acronis Backup Advanced includes the ability to capture application data for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, SharePoint, and Oracle Database running on Oracle VMs.

Hybrid Data Protection
For complete peace of mind, Acronis Backup Advanced can create and send multiple backup copies to both local storage and the Acronis cloud—without any additional steps!

Fast, flexible Oracle VM Recovery
Our near-instant recovery technology allows you to restore individual files, application data, or an entire VM—all from the same backup! We also offer the flexibility of restoring data to its original location or to an entirely new one (even a completely different hypervisor platform).

Acronis Backup Advanced protects hybrid physical and virtual environments with a unified management console. You can protect your Oracle VM environment, and expand protection to your physical servers, other virtualization hosts and even workstations to protect your entire business.

Current Version: Acronis Backup Advanced for Oracle VM Version 11.7

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