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Business Backup & Storage Management

Products and solutions for any business environment

Acronis Backup

Streamlined protection for specific systems

Acronis Backup Advanced

Unified protection for multiple systems

Acronis Solutions

Efficient solutions to complex problems

World-class data protection designed to fit any business environment—from a single workstation to an entire enterprise infrastructure.

Acronis business offerings provide exceptional, customizable solutions for any system setup: physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, business-critical applications, and more. As a world leader in data protection and system management, we offer a wide range of technological advantages:


Award-winning backup technology
that captures everything in one simple step.

Flexible data recovery
that can restore anything—from a single file to an entire server

One-step system deployment tools
that make system maintenance fast and cost-effective

Software designed for exceptional ease of use
that requires almost zero learning curve 

Ultra-fast disaster recovery
that will get you back up and running in minutes

Multi-destination support
that can store backup data anywhere (including the Acronis cloud)

Smart disk management utilities
that streamline IT tasks and boost system performance

Centralized management
and easy reporting via a single, easy-to-use console

Acronis AnyData Engine

The Acronis AnyData Engine provides complete protection across devices, operating systems, virtual environments, applications, and storage locations. The AnyData Engine seamlessly blends products from Acronis Backup Advanced Suite into any combination, producing a single data protection platform with a common user interface, unified policies, and easy-to-use centralized management.

Industry Solutions

Small/Medium Business to Large Enterprise

Acronis products are safe, cost-effective, and exceptionally easy to use—even if you aren’t an IT expert. We offer complete data protection, secure file access/sync/share solutions, and system management tools suitable for any environment. Designed to work both on premise and in the cloud, Acronis is the ideal solution for any infrastructure—from small local businesses to multi-system enterprises with on-site and offsite endpoints.

Public Sector

Acronis backup products include 256 AES encryption and data authentication protocols, making Acronis the top choice for public agencies. Our file sharing solutions also enable safe, secure collaboration out in the field. Learn more >

Publishing & Advertising

Acronis’ file sharing solutions provide easy, secure access to proprietary data that can be controlled and audited in-house. Our world-class data protection can also restore lost/corrupt files instantly.


Acronis provides full server protection, easy data backup plans, automatically-generated disaster recovery plans, and secure storage solutions—all backed by 256 AES encryption and data authentication protocols.


Acronis offers easy-to-use, agentless backup technology tailored to the leading virtual platforms. Includes a VM-integrated management console and unlimited P2V/V2V/V2P conversions.


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