Acronis ExtremeZ-IP

Solves network performance degradation, file corruption, and other incompatibilities when accessing Windows file and print servers, and NAS devices from a Mac.


ExtremeZ-IP has been the leader for over 15 years in solving Mac / Windows integration issues. At its core, ExtremeZ-IP is a Windows-based AFP service. It lets Mac connect with their native Apple Filing Protocol to files residing on the ExtremeZ-IP server. Using ExtremeZ-IP's optional Network Reshare features, Macs can use AFP to access files on other Windows servers and NAS devices, through a single ExtremeZ-IP server.

ExtremeZ-IP is the only software that easily resolves Mac-Windows incompatibilities:

  • Provide Mac users with the benefits of AFP file share access to files on Windows server and NAS devices.
  • Avoid common Mac SMB problems like file corruption, lost data, application incompatibility, permissions problems, and slow connections.
  • Full integration with Windows enterprise technologies, including Active Directory, Kerberos / Single Sign-On, and DFS.
  • Supports key Mac technologies, including Spotlight and Time Machine.
  • ExtremeZ-IP 9.0 adds full content NAS search indexing.
  • Runs in parallel with regular SMB for Windows users.
  • Prevent network performance degradation and expensive downtime.
  • Reduce help desk calls by up to 40%.
  • Backed by an expert support team with years of Mac / Windows integration experience.
  • Runs on Windows Server 2003 through 2012 R2.
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.2 through 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite.



What’s New in ExtremeZ-IP 9.0? 


NEW! NAS search indexing now supported. Acronis Content Indexing enables near-instantaneous Mac OS X Network Spotlight searches for both filename and content. Search speeds are reduced from minutes to just seconds. Files can be on the ExtremeZ-IP server, other Windows servers, or NAS!

NEW! Configuration and performance enhancements support popular network attached storage (NAS) solutions from EMC, NetApp, Isilon, Western Digital, and HP.

NEW! Extended functionality for Network Spotlight now supports searches for StorNext file shares.

NEW! Full certification for the newest version of Quantum StorNext, StorNext 5—ideal for XSAN customers!

NEW! Important platform updates support the latest Mac OS X and Windows Server releases.