Solutions for OEMs

Solutions for OEMs

Acronis OEM for System Builders

Acronis OEM solutions are specially designed to meet the needs of system builders, including PC and server vendors, networking and security appliance vendors and contract manufacturers. Acronis OEM solutions increase value by lowering support costs with powerful, easy-to-use tools that benefit manufacturers and their end-users.

System builders can use Acronis OEM solutions to create compressed images of the original system and use those images for:

  • Manufacturing – system builders can deploy standardized images
  • Support Services – end-users can quickly restore the original factory configuration

Acronis True Image OEM System Builders solution gives system manufacturers a fast and reliable system backup and restore solution for Windows desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets. Used with Acronis OEM tools, manufacturers can give end-users an easy and inexpensive support resource to restore the original factory configuration from a hidden partition.

In addition to allowing for the recovery of the system to factory state, Acronis True Image Personal Edition adds value by giving users a reliable system backup, recovery, and data protection solution that protects their investment.

Acronis Server Backup OEM provides backup and disaster recovery for individual Windows servers. The software creates a disk image backup that contains a full operating system as well as all applications and data. The intuitive interface allows for the backup and recovery of the entire system in a few clicks, minimizing potential operator error as well as system down time and administrator time and effort.