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Acronis Global Partner Program

Acronis’ Commitments

  • Partner-friendly with an indirect sales strategy
  • Easy to work with and fully transparent in our relationship
  • Clear communications
  • Dedicated partner tools and assistance
  • Free Partner Technical Support *

* language availability: English, German, French

Acronis Global
Partner Program

  • Greater support
  • More incentives
  • Bigger profits

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Partner with Confidence!

Acronis Partner Programs are an essential component to our company's continued growth and market penetration.

If you’re a provider of affordable, high-performance solutions that ensure data protection and availability for organizations of all sizes, then you’d make an ideal Acronis Partner! Our Partner Community includes value-added resellers and distributors, system integrators, alliance partners and OEM vendors.

As an Acronis Partner, you can maximize your sales with our award-winning solutions in backup, disaster recovery, data protection, deployment, migration and virtualization. And you can ensure your customers the availability, integrity and recoverability of all their mission-critical data and applications.

Our programs and tools are designed to offer you compelling sales, marketing and technical expertise in order to help you grow your business successfully and gain a competitive edge in the market. To take full advantage of our partner benefits, register today. It only takes two minutes!

Which Acronis Partner Program is right for you?

The Acronis Global Partner Program

offers Channel Partners multiple partnership options with various levels of engagement.
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The Acronis Global Technology Alliance Program

provides support to integrate and certify Acronis software with our Technology Alliance partners’ solutions.
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The Acronis Web Affiliates Program

offers affiliates opportunities to developed our Home products’ online sales and increase their profits.
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Acronis Global Technology Alliance Program

Our Global Technology Alliance Program is an essential part of our approach to working with partners. Our technology partners are a select group of companies committed to jointly delivering integrated solutions for customers. Acronis is committed to building relationships with best of breed technology companies to align technology, create leading solutions, and help customers adopt our collective products.

Global Technology Alliance Partners


  • Red Hat Ready ISV Partner
  • Citrix ready
  • VMware ready
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012