Acronis True Image Comparison


Acronis True Image Comparison

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Over 5,000,000 users have trusted Acronis True Image to protect their precious photos, music, movies, and personal documents.

1 PC
3 PCs
1 PC
3 PCs

Back up your files continuously

+ +
Back up your pictures, videos, music, documents, and other files + +
Set backups to run automatically whenever you want, even when you aren't using your computer + +
Back up to any storage device, including USB keys, external hard drives, network-attached storage, and Acronis Cloud Storage + +
Work while backups are underway – No interruptions! + +

Restore your files quickly and easily

+ +
Don't worry! If you lose an important file, you can go back in time to recover it + +
See a timeline of all your backups, then preview and choose the file versions you want to restore + +
Access your files from anywhere, anytime using a web browser or FREE mobile app and Acronis Cloud Storage + +
Restore individual files from disk images stored in the Acronis Cloud + +

Create a complete disk image of your PC

+ +
Back up and restore a complete disk image—not just your files, but the exact configuration of your PC including your operating system, applications, and settings + +
Back up a full disk image to Acronis Cloud StorageRequires Cloud Storage capacity greater than or equal to the disk space used by your PC. + +

Get Cloud Storage space

5GB Free 5GB Free
Keep a copy of your critical files offsite in our secure online datacenter + +
Access your files from any device, anytime + +
Share files securely by sending links to your content in the cloud + +

Use advanced backup routines

+ +
Setup incremental and differential backups to capture changes since your last backup and save disk space + +
Test-drive new software and visit websites without risk using Try&Decide technology, which lets you choose if you want to keep any changes to your computer + +
Keep your backup files completely secure using government-grade 256-bit AES encryption + +
Use Acronis Cloud Storage with up to 5 devices (desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc.) + +
Synchronize files across all your devices + +
Get 5GB of Cloud Storage space FREE for one year + +

Synchronize your files

+ +
Select files that will be automatically pushed to your PCs and mobile devices whenever you modify them + +

Migrate or restore to a new PC

- +
Restore your full disk image, including your operating system, applications, files, and settings, to a different make or model PC - +
Migrate your system from one PC to another, including bare-metal restore to a new machine - +
Use Acronis True Image in Windows Pre-Installation Environment (WinPE) - +

Back up and restore Dynamic Disks

- +
Back up dynamic volumes from Windows Dynamic Disks - +
Restore dynamic volumes onto bare-metal hard disks or previously configured Dynamic Disks - +

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