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One of the most popular questions asked by PC users "Why should I partition my hard disk drives?"

There are many reasons for using hard disk partitioning software like Acronis Disk Director Suite. They all come down to this: Hard disk partitioning makes your life much easier and sometimes saves your data and your neck.

Disk partitioning:

Limits Accidental or Deliberate Damage of Your Data
Acronis Disk Director Suite can help you separate your applications from the data used by these applications by storing them in different partitions. If the partition where an application is installed is corrupted or accidentally deleted, the data in another partition won't be erased. You will only need to recover one partition, which is faster than recovering the entire hard disk.
Increases Security
Encryption is one of the fundamental methods of protecting critical data from theft or corruption, but it slows down the performance of your computer. With disk partitioning software you can encrypt only those partitions that need protection, and other parts of your system will run unencrypted and hence faster.
Helps Your Computer Run Faster
Hard drive partitioning lets your computer find data faster. Computer finds files and directories quicker as it needs to search only one partition, not the whole disk.
Organizes Information
Hard drive partitioning makes it easier for you to logically organize your data. Creating partitions with Acronis Disk Director Suite lets you categorize files and folders in partitions according to logical schemes. You don't have to search endless lists of hundreds or thousands, or even tens of thousands of folders trying to find a particular file or application.
Increases Productivity
Acronis Disk Director Suite can help you increase your productivity. You won't have to lose time searching for this or that file and may complete some more useful tasks instead of it.