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Acronis Business Products Support Lifecycle

Acronis Business products have three support phases:

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Support FeatureMainstreamExtendedSelf-Service
Product documentation and Knowledge Base articles/solutions are retained on Acronis web-pages, forum help is availableyesyesyes
Full Acronis Customer Central support and developer investigation for all severity issues1yesyes 
Product hotfixes/patches for critical (Severity A) issues, security issues and OS support updatesyesyes 
Product hotfixes/patches for selected issues of any severity level2yes  
Cumulative updates (service packs), including new functionalityyes  

1 Solution or workaround will be provided at Acronis' discretion. If the issue is resolved in newer version or added to roadmap for new version, upgrade is considered a valid solution.

2 Bugfix will be added to roadmap. Fix not guaranteed for all software defects. Triage and fix at Acronis' discretion

Important considerations:

  • - Acronis provides full support for the three latest minor versions3 of the product. Customers are encouraged to update to the latest available build to ensure they have the most stable and secure version of the product.
  • - Customers wishing to receive more offerings during a product's extended support phase (e.g. Acronis Customer Central and developer investigation for product hotfixes/patches for selected issues of any severity level) should contact their dedicated account manager or regional sales representative to determine the most appropriate support program for their organization’s needs. Regional Sales contact details are available at

3 Minor version (update) is a newer build of Acronis software of the same version.

Major version (upgrade) is a shift from the current version of Acronis software to a newer one.

Acronis Business Products End Of Life

ProductsRelease DateMainstream Support EOLExtended Support EOLLatest update
Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7February 25, 2016TBDTBD#44421/44190, April 14, 2016
Acronis Backup 12July 19, 2016TBDTBD# 3602, September 13, 2016
Acronis Backup 11.7February 25, 2016July 2017July 2018#44421/44190, April 14, 2016
Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.5September 5, 2012July 2017July 2018#43994, July 23, 2015
Acronis Backup and Recovery 11June 21, 2011September 2013September, 2014#17440, July 25, 2012
Acronis Backup and Recovery 10July 7, 2009June 2012June 2013#13762, August 29, 2011
Acronis True Image EchoNovember 13, 2007July 2010July 2011#8398, December 11, 2009
Acronis True Image 9.1October 2006November 2008November 2009#3887, February 20, 2007
Acronis vmProtect 9August 27, 2013July 2017July 2018 
Acronis vmProtect 8October 9, 2012August 2014August 2015#8184, November 25, 2012
Acronis vmProtect 7March 6, 2012October 2013October 2014#5173, June 27, 2012
Acronis vmProtect 6August 29, 2011March 2013March 2014#3145, June 27, 2012
Acronis Snap Deploy 5October 7, 2014TBDTBD#1660, February 24, 2016
Acronis Snap Deploy 4November 3, 2011October, 2015October, 2016#540, October 5, 2012
Acronis Snap Deploy 3April 7, 2008November 2012November 2013#3501, June 29, 2010
Acronis Snap Deploy 2November 11, 2006April, 2009April, 2007#2152, October 1, 2007
Acronis Disk Director 11 AdvancedJuly 20, 2010TBDTBD#12077, October 14, 2010
Acronis Disk Director 10.0 ServerDecember 13, 2005July 2011July 2012#2288, March 15, 2010

Acronis Products Lifecycle Support policy is intended exclusively for the benefit of existing Acronis Customers with respect to the products they have already purchased. It is not intended to apply to other products or to any other third parties. Acronis reserves the right to make changes to its Product Lifecycle Support policy at its sole discretion from time to time as business needs require. Policy statements on will be updated to reflect any changes upon their effective date.

The present policy was developed and published in June, 2016.