Customer Service & Support - Acronis


1. Q: What is the Support Lifecycle policy?
A: The policy provides consistent and predictable the guidelines for Acronis product support availability after the product releases and throughout product life.
2. Q: Is the Support Lifecycle policy applicable globally?
A: Yes, Acronis Product Support Lifecycle is a worldwide policy.
3. Q: If I have multiple Acronis products do they all share the same support lifecycle timelines?
A: Each product has it’s own phase dates. Please check Business and Consumer products table.
4. Q: What is the difference between the support phases?
A: Business and Consumer product families have different support phases.
5. Q: How can I update (minor version) the product?
A: The latest update can be downloaded from your personal account. Check the detailed instructions here
6. Q: How to upgrade (switch to a major version)?
A: Free upgrades are available for the products with valid support program. More details