It’s Get To Know Your Customers Day — Let’s Get Connected!

It’s Get To Know Your Customers Day — Let’s Get Connected

At Acronis, our Customers are our biggest priority — why else would we put our time and energy into innovation that protects your digital life to the highest degree? We care, and we want to prove it through actions, not words.

That brings us to today, which is Get To Know Your Customers Day — and even though we’ve been doing this since the beginning, we want to make sure we’re continuing to strengthen our relationships with you, our Customers, by reaching out, saying hello, and swapping backup stories.

Since the beginning, Customer Service has been a high priority for us — not just because we want to know our product is working, but because we want to know and understand how our customers are using it. We want to hear the stories you have about your great grandfather’s 100th birthday. We want to see the videos of your child’s first steps (video we hope you are immediately backing up). We want to see the pictures from that vacation you took to the Caribbean last summer. We want our product to work for you, and we want to create a lasting relationship along the way.

And don’t worry if you don’t speak English! We speak a range of different languages, including French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese. We want to talk, so we make sure to master to languages we know our Customers are speaking.

Our dedication is so real that we’ve won awards for it! Some of these include:

  • Top Ranking Performers — 1st Place in Best Help Desk
  • IQPC Call Center Excellence Awards: Runner-Up in Best Call Center
  • ICMI Global Call Center of the Year Award — Silver Award for Strategic Value
  • CCG Russian and CIS Call Center Awards Best Small Call Center
  • Bronze Stevie Winner for Contact Center of the Year and Customer Service Management Team of the Year
  • Silver Stevie Winner for Customer Service Department of the Year, Customer Service Team of the Year, and Best Use of Technology in Customer Service

But today is not about us, it’s about you.

Our Customers deserve more than a day, so Acronis takes an entire week to celebrate our Customers, and the service we provide. We want you to know that we care, that we want you to get the most out of our product, and that we are always here to lend our support.

We want you to know we’re real people, so we take this week to show our silly side:

It’s Get To Know Your Customers Day — Let’s Get Connected

These photos are pretty crazy, but we love them—especially because of what they represent: our dedication to Customer Service and creating an environment where you feel comfortable reaching out, asking questions, sharing stories, and voicing suggestions.

Because we want to hear from our Customers, we stay active on social media—so if you have an interesting story, or just want to say hello, please do! We’re all over social media—we’re total social media junkies—so you’ll always get a response. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Another way to reach out is through our Customer Listening System (CLS), which is something we are very proud of. We’ve implemented this system in order to collect, analyze and report important Customer feedback. Customers can use a special form to convey questions, concerns, or suggestions.

We’ve had customers whose computers have completely crashed, and who needed help recovering their data — they’d never done it before. And by sending us a message, we were able to reach out and walk them through the process in no time.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, this is the place to go: //

After sending in your question, an agent will reach out to you to get an understanding of the problem at hand — no robots here! After this, a CLS case is created and an action plan is set into motion. If you’re having a problem using our product after a system update, we’ll walk you through the reconfiguration steps. If you can’t figure out how to create a Universal Restore device, we will happily show you how.

As our support team works to answer questions and solve problems, we simultaneously use this opportunity to take a look at ourselves. We ask ourselves a series of questions; what can each function of the company do better; what can we improve; what steps can we take to keep this from happening again?

There have been many examples of us changing the way we operate in response to Customer feedback, but recently we’ve taken feedback from our customers and changed the way we approach support in a major way. After working with customers, taking their feedback and mulling it over with our team, we extended our support period from 30 days to 24 months. That was a big change for us, and we wouldn’t have made the decision had it not been for our amazing customers offering their feedback. Please keep doing this—we’re always looking for ways to improve.

We’ve also taken into account the delicate digital environment we live in, so we make sure to offer our support 24/7. You never know when disaster will strike, and neither do we. But now you’ll never be forced to wait to get the help you need. We want to make our customers happy — and we want you to know that doing so makes us happy as well.

It has been a learning process, definitely, but we aren’t giving up. We’re continuing to improve, continuing to set goals for ourselves, continuing to work for our Customers above all else. So please, keep sending us your suggestions, keep giving us your feedback. It makes us a better company, which means we can give you an even better backup experience.