Re-Examining Your Cloud Backup in a Post-Brexit World

Suffering from Brexititis?

Uncertain whether your data is secure, if you’re really in control?

You’re not alone.

Although the long-term impact of Britain’s departure from the European Union remains unclear, many of our customers and partners are concerned over the effect it will have on the security of their data, both in terms of protection and location.

This FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is causing many businesses to place projects and investments on hold. Many are already re-evaluating their IT infrastructures, including the location of their data center, in light of recent changes to data protection laws.

As a global company with over 40% of revenues generated in Europe, Acronis is committed to providing data safety, privacy and security, combined with control and transparency for all its partners and customers.

We guarantee:

  1. That all of our data centers have industry leading security certifications (certifications, SSAE-16, Tier-V designed, etc.) to protect the data stored there.
  2. To give customers and service providers control and flexibility over their data in terms of location, transport, copies, migration, etc. For example, if required, Acronis will move a customer or partner’s data to an Acronis data centre in the EU or from the EU to the UK, whichever is preferred.
  3. Complete transparency to inform both customers and service providers where their data is being stored at all times.

For more information on cloud backup in a post-Brexit world, see our recent white paper on data sovereignty and the dissolution of Safe Harbour - you can view it here.