A Recipe for Thanksgiving Data Protection

A Recipe for Thanksgiving Data Protection

Happy Thanksgiving Americans!  And happy start of holiday seasons to all around the world! 

Remember, when all of those new computers and digital photo and video devices you are giving and getting for gifts mix with holiday travel, you are going to need some protection.  Protection for your data and protection for your devices.  Here are nine things to keep in mind:

Use durable cases for your children’s mobile devices.

Bring a portable USB hard drive to back up pictures and videos daily.

Back up photos, videos, travel diaries, and receipts to the cloud when you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

Store your USB drive in a luggage separately from your laptop in case one of them is lost or stolen.

Use multiple SD cards for your camera. They can be stolen or fail and you don’t want everything on one card. Copy to your laptop and back up every day!

Set up Acronis True Image on your family’s mobile devices to back up photos, videos, and appointments automatically over Wi-Fi (or over-the-air with a good data plan).

Carry power adapters appropriate to the countries you are traveling in.

Before you depart, perform a full-image backup of your laptop using encryption and create a bootable USB thumb drive or CD/DVD.

Keep high-resolution scans of your family’s passports in an encrypted backup in the cloud, in case they are lost.

Keep your memories alive for generations to come with Acronis True Image!

Happy Thanksgiving!