Get started with our Expert Support Advisory

Explore white-glove services that tailor guidance specific to partner and customer environments. Connect directly with highly skilled support engineers who get to know and solve your unique challenges.

  • An extension of your team

    An extension of your team

    Acronis Expert Support Advisory offers partners and customers exclusive access to support engineer assistance to answer your questions, and tackle small-scale projects and custom tasks. Our engineers provide targeted support that aligns with the intricacies, complexities and goals of your or your clients’ unique infrastructure.
  • Step-by-step comprehensive support

    Step-by-step comprehensive support

    Save time with guided installation and configuration. Our experts walk you through the initial installation and configuration processes of your Acronis solution. Whether deployment is in a complex environment and / or with advanced feature enablement, Expert Support Advisory makes it easy to adopt Acronis — effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Seamless update deployments

    Seamless update deployments

    Environments that require high availability may need additional attention. Acronis support engineers lead you through seamless update deployments and help optimize your management processes moving forward. Stay up to date with your Acronis solutions’ latest capabilities and ensure productivity.
  • Guided setup of enhanced features

    Guided setup of enhanced features

    Our experts assist in setting up supplementary features, advanced packs and integrations. We recommend Expert Support Advisory for our partnersand customers seeking enhanced synergy and value from existing solutions.
  • Health check reviews

    Health check reviews

    Expert Support Advisory service conducts comprehensive reviews of your deployment, including health checks. Acronis support engineers proactively assess areas of improvement within your deployment processes, provide recommendations and help you adhere to engineering best practices.
  • Fine-tuned protection

    Fine-tuned protection

    Optimize and fine-tune deployment based on health reviews conducted by Acronis support engineers. The support engineering team provides end-to-end assistance — not only pinpointing areas of concern, but also helping you troubleshoot and enhance solution management efforts.
  • Expert data recovery assistance

    Expert data recovery assistance

    In a disaster, Acronis helps you manage emergency configuration and deliver data recovery assistance. Our experts facilitate your efforts towards returning to normal operations.
While the Expert Support Advisory service encompasses a wide array of potential tasks, it does not include general deployment design assessments and hardware requirement reviews, as installations adhere to your provided specifications. If you require clarification on these specifications, please consult the product documentation or contact Acronis Professional Services.
Acronis Expert Support Advisory

Before purchasing the Expert Support Advisory service, please get in touch with Acronis support to discuss your goals, including expected results and a timeline. Once you have an Acronis support ticket (in which our team has confirmed the service delivery terms with you), use the Buy now button to get started.

The service is available for: Acronis Cyber Protect, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.

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