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Acronis OEM program

The Acronis OEM program is targeting computer systems and storage device manufacturers, system integrators, and value-added resellers. Under the terms of the OEM program, Acronis partners get award-winning Acronis products and OEM solutions bundled or embedded into the partner's hardware or software offerings.

Acronis OEM products are specifically designed to deliver the complete solution and meet all the requirements of computer system and storage device vendors. Choosing award-winning Acronis OEM products guarantees a real value add to the hardware offerings and significant service savings.

The Acronis OEM program gives your company:

  • Delivery of the complete solution, not just hardware alone
  • Real money savings on your support and service costs
  • Significant value add and competitive advantage in the highly competitive marketplace
  • An additional service for your customers
  • Professional technical support from Acronis is negotiable

Partnering with Acronis means a real value add and savings for your company!
Choose Acronis to increase your sales, market share, brand recognition, and optimize your company service expense savings.

If you are a systems integrator, small manufacturer of PCs, workstations or servers, we want to work with you.

Please list the types of systems you create, including operating systems, configurations and any other relevant information, and click on the Request For More Information link below. A member of our OEM sales team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and outline how our products can best serve your customers.

Acronis OEM products

Acronis True Image OEM for DVD and Hard Disk Drive vendors

The use of CD/DVD and external hard disk drives as backup storage is quite popular. Bundling the drive with Acronis True Image OEM delivers the backup solution your customers needs.

Acronis True Image OEM is the complete disk imaging, backup, and disaster recovery solution and a great value and competitive advantage for all CD/DVD and external hard disk drive vendors. The product allows your customers to create the exact image of a PC hard disk drive for complete backup and restore it in the event of a software or hardware failure when ordinary file backup software does not work. More...

Acronis True Image OEM for PC vendors

Installing Acronis True Image OEM for PC vendors guarantees significant money savings by cutting service costs and provides additional service and value add to your customers.

Acronis True Image OEM for PC vendors, the complete backup and disaster recovery solution, allows the restoration of the original system setup in the event of fatal software or hardware crashes without contacting the PC vendor's technical support. More...

Acronis MigrateEasy for Hard Disk Drive vendors

Acronis MigrateEasy is the "must have" product for hard disk drive vendors. It allows your customers to quickly and easily deploy a new hard disk on a PC or laptop, either for additional storage or as a bootable drive — migrating all data, operating systems, programs, and everything else, automatically. More...

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OEM contacts

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