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Do You Have a Disaster Plan for Online Data Recovery?
Are You Prepared if (PC) Disaster Strikes?

The American Heritage Dictionary defines recovery as "the act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources." Data recovery, then, is the process of salvaging data from damaged, corrupted or inaccessible storage media when it cannot be accessed normally.

What would prevent data from being accessed normally? Every single day home and business owners around the world spend precious time trying to recover invaluable data lost for a myriad of reasons including theft, mechanical failure or an act of nature. With advancements in online hard drive backup technology that make online hard drive recovery a snap, there’s no reason anyone with a computer can’t quickly and easily protect their data against the day normal data access becomes impossible.

Are You Prepared if Disaster Strikes?

Do you have a plan in place to protect yourself against the loss of your irreplaceable data? Unfortunately, far too many people either don’t have a plan at all or have a plan that only partially protects against a disaster.

For instance, you might use an external hard drive or CD-ROM’s to perform regular backups, or if you have a sophisticated IT department you might even have disk partitions set up to protect your sensitive data. But are you prepared in the event of a fire that would destroy everything onsite, including your backups? Or what if the backup media you have stored offsite fails?

While many backup and recovery software programs provide critical protection against a mistakenly deleted file or a server or workstation crash, they can be virtually worthless in the event of a fire, flood or theft, leaving you stranded and your data lost. There is only one way to truly protect your data from all possible disasters: online hard drive backup.

With its newest product offerings, Acronis, the leader in local and online data recovery, has gone above and beyond to provide both home and business computer users with a fast, secure and cost-efficient offsite data protection service.

Solutions at Home

If you’re not already worried about losing documents, financial information, photos and music stored on your home computer, you should be. The financial and time costs associated with replacing this information cannot be overstated. To successfully survive the unthinkable and be prepared to recover your most valuable data, home PC owners need an offsite strategy in addition to standard computer backup software.

Fortunately, Acronis Cloud was designed specifically to address the backup and recovery needs of the home computer. As consumers we are always on the go, so relying on an individual to remember to run regular backups can be risky. Acronis Cloud allows you to schedule automatic online hard drive backup for up to 250 GB of data, for true "set and forget" capabilities that take human error out of the equation.

And in the event disaster should strike, Acronis Cloud allows data recovery online, from anywhere you can access the Internet, providing virtually instant online hard drive recovery for up to five computers. Key features of Acronis Cloud include:

  • Seamless integration with industry-leading Acronis True Image Home to recover your entire PC in minutes, including the operating system.
  • Government-approved encryption to ensure data privacy,
  • Incremental backups to reduce required time and bandwidth, allowing for maximum performance speeds.
  • Online data recovery allows you to recover files from multiple points in time within a 45 day period, so if a file is corrupt you can go back to the last point at which the file was safe and recover that version.
  • Up to 250 gigabytes of storage space, far more than the average home user ever needs.
Solutions at Work

As a business owner, you know how valuable your client information, payroll data and other vital business files are, and are prepared to protect that data at all costs. With Acronis Backup & Recovery Online, that cost can be surprisingly affordable, as you get all the benefits of a dedicated remote data center providing backup and recovery redundancy without the high price tag.

Designed to complement Acronis Backup & Recovery 10, the online product makes online hard dive backup manageable across multiple machines and servers, and can be controlled centrally from one computer. Because Acronis Backup & Recovery Online utilizes the efficiency of the cloud, online hard drive recovery can be performed from any PC. Other key features include:

  • Cloud-based data protection stores up to 2 terabytes of data offsite in a secure location, protecting it from theft or other onsite physical disasters.
  • Speedy data recovery online of any data ranging from a single file or folder to an entire system.
  • Centrally-managed backup and recovery from a single computer.
  • Reliable government-grade data privacy and protection that prevents anyone other than you from accessing your most private data.
  • High-volume data support including initial seeding from a customer-provided drive to online cloud storage to save you time and a large scale recovery option in which Acronis can expedite shipment of a backup data drive to you.

Acronis has created two products designed to meet the data protection needs of home computer users and business computer users. So, if you haven’t already taken the time to think about how you should be protecting your data, let Acronis help solve your backup and recovery concerns today with either Acronis Cloud or Acronis Backup & Recovery Online.

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Workstation: 250 GB$99.00
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Virtual Machine: 2 TB$1,499.00