Acronis Cloud Data Centers

Acronis data centers are reliable and follow the highest safety and security standards.

  • Americas   Ashburn (USA) Dallas (USA) Phoenix (USA) St Louis (USA) São Paulo (Brazil) Vancouver (Canada) Ashburn (USA) Phoenix (USA) St Louis (USA) Dallas (USA) São Paulo (Brazil) Vancouver (Canada)
  • Europe & Africa   Billund (Denmark) Billund (Denmark) Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Lisbon (Portugal) Lisbon (Portugal) Prague (Czech Republic) Prague (Czech Republic) Warsaw (Poland) Sofia (Bulgaria) Sofia (Bulgaria) Strasbourg (France) Strasbourg (France) Tel Aviv (Israel) Tel Aviv (Israel) Vienna (Austria) Thessaloniki (Greece) Thessaloniki (Greece) Valencia (Spain) Valencia (Spain) Vienna (Austria) Warsaw (Poland)
  • Germany   Cologne
    Frankfurt am Main
    Frankfurt am Main (Germany) Cologne (Germany)
  • Switzerland  Lupfig (Switzerland) Lupfig (Switzerland)
  • UK   London (UK) London (UK)
  • Asia   Mumbai (India) Mumbai (India) Seoul (Korea) Seoul (Korea) Singapore Singapore Thimphu (Bhutan) Thimphu (Bhutan)
  • Japan   Nagano (Japan) Nagano (Japan)
  • Oceania   Sydney (Australia) Auckland (New Zealand) Sydney (Australia) Auckland (New Zealand)

Acronis relies on Secure and Compliant Data Center providers

* exact list of certifications and standards may vary for specific data center, please request additional information from your account manager


  1. How secure will my data be?
  2. How safe will my data be?
  3. What are the advantages of using an Acronis SP data center
    over Azure and Google data centers?
  4. Do you have a list of security certifications and standards
    for Acronis data centers?
  5. Do you have a data center in my country?
    How can I comply with data sovereignty laws?