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for service providers

EDR is now within reach of everyone

We have some exciting news. We are thrilled to announce that Acronis EDR is now accessible to all MSPs using the core Acronis Advanced Security, without additional cost. Acronis Advanced Security is already recognized as the top solution for MSPs, and with EDR included at no extra cost, it now offers the best cybersecurity value in the market for MSPs and their clients.

EDR is mission critical … but there Is a problem

Protecting business and government endpoints is more important than ever for both security and compliance. Where previously, cybercriminals would more often attack networks directly, they found that network endpoints — the servers, laptops and workstations on the network — were softer targets. Not only were there more of them, but each was used or administrated by different people using different applications. Additionally, the technological world was moving decidedly to the use of services and cloud. More people, applications, and services mean more potential attack vectors. And the proliferation and variety of attacks outstripped the simple antivirus (AV) tools of the day.

Famously, in 2013, Anton Chuvakin — then at Gartner and now a senior security specialist at Google — coined the term “Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR).” The industry responded and a new approach to cyberdefense was conceived. As the types of coverage and issues expanded, the acronym was shortened to EDR and solutions were developed in an attempt to fill that need.

But the problem is that most EDR tools are overly complex and difficult to use and deploy, requiring top engineering talent with sophisticated training. Additionally, they were developed independently and are therefore not connected to backup, restore and disaster recovery solutions or processes. This disconnect requires IT service providers (MSPs) and businesses to cobble together a series of solutions that must be managed and maintained separately.

Acronis solved the problem with EDR

At Acronis, we believe protecting endpoints should not be complicated or expensive. That's why we developed a better solution. Last year, we introduced an upgrade to our Advanced Security offering — Advanced Security + EDR. This solution is specifically designed for service providers, and the response from our MSP partner community has been overwhelmingly positive. Importantly, since Acronis Advance Security + EDR is activated and operates from the same agent as our famous backup and disaster recovery solutions, the entire detection through recovery solution chain operates seamlessly from a single console.

The results speak for themselves. Endpoint issues are detected and resolved in the console, often before clients notice an issue.

“Since we deployed Acronis EDR, our ticket volume has dropped 50%.”

— JC Chapman, Systems Engineer, Liberty Technology

Having an intuitive, single-point solution with AI-based behavioral detection, EDR and recovery, all on a single agent and in a single UI, is helping them grow.

“With Acronis EDR, we have been able to increase clients by more than 60% and double the number of devices protected without adding additional staff.”

— Vladimir Georgieski, CEO, JVSNet

MSP Academy: What is EDR?

Enhance your cybersecurity expertise and maximize protection for your MSP business

Acronis Advanced Security + EDR opens new opportunities

This complete solution to endpoint security and data protection drive value by enabling MSPs to:

·       Easily launch a complete and affordable security solution — including rapid recovery.

·       Protect against modern threats and readily comply with cyber insurance requirements.

·       Maximize efficiency by minimizing administrative overhead through a single security platform.

·       Build and broaden security practice and offerings to grow their businesses.

And just like all Acronis solutions, Advanced Security + EDR and the entire security solution value chain is available across the global network of Acronis data centers, ensuring that your data is both protected and compliant with local regulations and data sovereignty requirements.

Get started with Advanced Security + EDR

If you are not yet an Acronis partner and want to learn more, you can register for a demo or talk with an Acronis Cloud Advisor now.

If you are an Acronis partner new to Advanced Security, activate Advanced Security + EDR on your workloads now … EDR will appear as an option.

For Acronis MSP partners who have already deployed Advanced Security or Advanced Security + EDR and are using a PSA, commerce or marketplace integration, we recommend reading this article to ensure that your systems are ready for this update and can take advantage of the combined value.

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MSP Academy: What is EDR?

Enhance your cybersecurity expertise and maximize protection for your MSP business

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