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Acronis Cyber Protect
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Centralized cyber protection solution to streamline your endpoint protection, backup and disaster recovery, and management through integration and automation.
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Integrated cyber protection platform unifying cybersecurity, backup & recovery, and management to reduce complexity, streamline your services and cut costs. All in one solution for MSPs.

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Learn how your peers protect their data
  • Acronis protects world’s largest alumina refinery from data loss
    Case study
    Acronis protects world's largest alumina refinery from data loss

    With Acronis, we have significantly improved our Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). We find Acronis is the best solution to protect our data and support our disaster recovery plan.

  • Johnson Electric quadruples backup speed with Acronis
    Case study
    Johnson Electric quadruples backup speed with Acronis

    The speed with which we can now backup and restore business data was a big selling point for us. Acronis Backup gives us confidence because we know our data backups are complete.

  • Granite Ridge Builders use Acronis to protect their data from ransomware
    Case study
    Granite Ridge Builders use Acronis to protect their data from ransomware

    The tight integration with Hyper-V makes Acronis Backup Advanced the best choice for easy and quick backup of virtual machines. Installation and configuration is easy.

Your business deserves proven cyber protection

Approved corporate endpoint protection for macOS
Approved corporate endpoint protection for macOS
AV-TEST approved Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response certification
AV-TEST approved Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response certification
OPSWAT Platinum certification for anti-malware
OPSWAT Platinum certification for anti-malware
ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware certified
ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware certified
AV-Comparatives participant and test winner
AV-Comparatives participant and test winner
G2 Server Backup Leader
G2 Server Backup Leader
Best of IT - Enterprise Data Backup Solution Award
Best of IT - Enterprise Data Backup Solution Award
Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions
Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions
ITreview Grid Award Summer
ITreview Grid Award Summer
Microsoft Virus Initiative member
Microsoft Virus Initiative member
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Comprehensive backup for cloud and SaaS environments

  • Centralized protection

    Manage backups and protection for cloud, SaaS, and local endpoints seamlessly from a unified web dashboard. Simplify workflows without the hassle of multiple tool training.
  • Adaptive reporting and monitoring

    Gain insights with intuitive widgets and advanced reporting. Never miss a beat with real-time alerts and status updates.
  • Universal restore to dissimilar hardware

    Acronis Cyber Protect includes a versatile recovery solution that allows restoration across different hardware or platforms. Say goodbye to long reinstallation processes.
  • Integrated ransomware defense

    Ransomware often targets backups directly, attempting to kill backup processes and delete the backups themselves. Acronis proactively defends against ransomware attacks, ensuring your backups remain unaltered and your processes uninterrupted.
  • Advanced, end-to-end encryption

    Safeguard sensitive data with multi-tier encryption, both during transit and at rest in Acronis’s secure data centers.
  • Efficient multi-tenant management

    Ideal for decentralized operations. Manage remote branches or departments with the ability to assign specific roles and access levels.
  • Proactive drive monitoring

    Utilizing AI algorithms, preempt potential hardware failures, ensuring you always have time to act. Acronis Cyber Protect enables you to avoid disaster and protect your data.
  • Ensure backups are malware-free

    Restore with confidence. Integrated malware scanning ensures that backups are free from hidden threats, ensuring a clean recovery.
  • Optimized storage with deduplication

    Efficiently store backup data. By capturing only modified data and recognizing repeated information, storage needs are minimized.
  • Extensive environment support

    Unite modern and traditional systems under one backup solution. Use a single dashboard to manage all, and easily migrate data between different hypervisors, or from physical to virtual, and vice versa.
  • Acronis Instant Restore

    Minimize interruptions. In case of system failure, instantly boot your backup as a virtual machine, ensuring immediate resumption of operations without lengthy recovery processes.
  • Blockchain-based notarization

    Ensure your backups are untampered and genuine. Leverage blockchain technology with Acronis Cyber Notary to validate the authenticity of your stored data.
More features

Elevate your cloud and SaaS data defense with integrated cyber protection

In today's dynamic digital landscape, securing your vital cloud and SaaS assets from unforeseen losses, hardware hitches, and evolving cyberthreats is non-negotiable. Progressive enterprises realize that generic backups are no longer the gold standard. Dive into the future of comprehensive cyber defense with Acronis Cyber Protect.

  • Holistic backup solutions

    Holistic backup solutions

    Guarantee fast and dependable recovery across diverse cloud platforms and SaaS applications, shielding your assets from both accidental and deliberate disruptions.
  • State-of-the-art cybersecurity

    State-of-the-art cybersecurity

    Ensure fortified protection for your cloud infrastructure and software-as-a-service data with innovative anti-malware tools, comprehensive URL filtering, vulnerability assessments, and efficient patch management.
  • Unified management for diverse environments

    Unified management for diverse environments

    Enhance the safety of every digital touchpoint while streamlining IT procedures with a holistic, easy-to-use management system, all presented through a singular, consolidated dashboard.
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Acronis Cyber Protect

Protect your cloud and SaaS data from any threat with a single solution

What the experts say

  • We believe that Acronis Cyber Protect is among the most comprehensive attemps to provide data protection and cyber security to date. Acronis shows potential to disrupt traditional IT security vendors by delivering integrated components for backup/recovery and malware detection and protection.

    Phil Goodwin
    Research Director – Cloud Data Management and Protection, IDC

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SaaS backup software?

    Software as a Service (SaaS) has revolutionized the way businesses operate, allowing for enhanced flexibility, cost-saving measures, and on-the-go access to critical applications and data. While these cloud-based platforms, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, offer inherent backup features, they primarily focus on infrastructure resilience and not comprehensive data protection. Enter SaaS backup software, a specialized solution designed to safeguard your crucial SaaS data.

    SaaS backup software is a tool that creates consistent backup copies of data and files stored within SaaS applications. This software is distinct from the standard backup measures that SaaS platforms might offer, providing a more in-depth layer of protection against data loss events, such as accidental deletions, cyberattacks, and other unforeseen incidents.

    The need for such specialized software arises from several realities:

    1. User Errors: Even in the most meticulously managed systems, human errors like accidental deletions or overwrites can occur. While SaaS platforms might allow for some data retrieval, it's often time-sensitive. A dedicated backup solution ensures that data can be recovered promptly and entirely.

    2. Security Threats: With cyberthreats continually evolving, relying solely on the security measures of SaaS providers is risky. Malicious attacks, especially ransomware, can compromise data, making an external backup invaluable.

    3. Regulatory Compliance: Many industries are bound by stringent data protection regulations that mandate regular backups, swift data recovery, and secure data storage. SaaS backup software can help businesses remain compliant.

    4. Retention Policies: While SaaS providers may retain deleted data for a while, this is often limited. A specialized backup solution provides more extended retention options, allowing businesses to restore older data versions if necessary.

    5. Operational Continuity: In case of disruptions or outages with a SaaS provider, having an independent backup ensures that business operations can continue without significant hindrances.

    To navigate the challenges of the modern cloud ecosystem effectively, businesses are recognizing the imperative of coupling their SaaS applications with robust backup software. By doing so, they ensure not just the availability but also the integrity and security of their vital data. With solutions like Acronis Cyber Protect, enterprises can enjoy integrated cyber protection that extends beyond traditional backups, ensuring a comprehensive defense for their cloud and SaaS environments.
  • Where is SaaS data stored?

    Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a cornerstone of modern business operations, providing unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. An often-asked question is, 'Where exactly is the data for these services stored?' Understanding this is essential for appreciating the security and accessibility of SaaS platforms.

    SaaS data is primarily stored in large, sophisticated data centers maintained by the SaaS providers. These data centers are often referred to as 'the cloud.' Here's a closer look at the storage landscape of SaaS data:

    1. Centralized Data Centers: SaaS providers generally have vast data centers in multiple geographical regions. These state-of-the-art facilities house thousands of servers and are designed for redundancy, ensuring data accessibility even if one server or an entire section of the data center faces issues.

    2. Regional Storage: To enhance performance and comply with data residency regulations, many SaaS providers store data regionally. This means that a company's data is stored in or near the geographical region where it operates, reducing latency and ensuring faster access.

    3. Redundancy and Replication: To bolster data security and availability, SaaS data isn't stored in a single place. Instead, it's often replicated across multiple servers and locations. This redundancy ensures that even if one data center were compromised or went offline, the data would still be available from another location.

    4. Tiered Storage Systems: Not all data is accessed with the same frequency. SaaS providers utilize tiered storage systems, categorizing data based on its usage. Frequently accessed data might be stored on faster, but more expensive storage mediums, while less frequently accessed data might be relegated to slower, more economical storage options.

    5. Encryption at Rest: In reputable SaaS platforms, data isn't just left sitting openly on the servers. It's encrypted, meaning even if someone were to gain unauthorized physical access to the storage, they wouldn't easily decipher the data.

    6. Backup Storage: Beyond the primary storage, SaaS providers also maintain backup storage solutions, ensuring that in case of any data loss, a backup copy is available for restoration.

    While the central storage repository of SaaS data is in these cloud data centers, businesses must note that this doesn't absolve them of the responsibility for backup and security. Relying entirely on SaaS providers for data security is risky, given potential cyber threats, user errors, and other unpredictable data loss scenarios. As such, savvy businesses often employ additional solutions like SaaS backup software to provide an added layer of protection for their valuable data stored in the cloud.
  • Does Acronis Cyber Protect backup SaaS solutions?

    Yes, Acronis Cyber Protect offers backup solutions for Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. Recognizing the importance and growing dependence on SaaS platforms for businesses, Acronis has designed its services to ensure data protection, accessibility, and resilience for these cloud-based solutions.

    Here's how Acronis Cyber Protect supports SaaS backup:

    1. Comprehensive Data Protection: Acronis provides backup capabilities for popular SaaS platforms, allowing businesses to safeguard their cloud-stored data against accidental deletions, cyberattacks, and other threats.

    2. Direct Integration: With direct integrations, Acronis ensures that businesses can effortlessly backup their SaaS data without complex configurations. The backup process is seamless and ensures that all aspects of the platform are protected.

    3. Data Sovereignty and Compliance: Understanding the critical nature of data residency and regulatory compliance, Acronis allows businesses to choose where they want to store their backup data. With a global network of data centers, businesses can ensure that their backup aligns with regional regulations.

    4. Granular Recovery: Beyond just full backups, Acronis allows granular recovery. This means that businesses can restore specific files, folders, or data items, rather than having to restore an entire backup, providing flexibility and minimizing operational downtime.

    5. Security and Encryption: Acronis not only backs up SaaS data but also ensures that the backup data is secure. The data is encrypted during transit and at rest, ensuring that it remains protected against unauthorized access.

    6. Regular Backup Schedules: With Acronis Cyber Protect, businesses can set up regular backup schedules, ensuring that their SaaS data is continuously protected and updated backups are always available.

    7. Easy Management: Acronis's user-friendly interface ensures that businesses can manage, monitor, and restore their SaaS backups with ease. Notifications, alerts, and detailed reports keep businesses informed about the status and health of their backups.

    In conclusion, Acronis Cyber Protect does indeed offer backup solutions for SaaS platforms. Given the mission-critical nature of SaaS data for many businesses, integrating a solution like Acronis ensures that this data is protected, easily recoverable, and compliant with regulatory requirements. Whether a business is using a popular cloud productivity suite or a niche SaaS solution, Acronis provides the tools needed to keep that data safe and accessible.
  • Why is a SaaS backup solution important?

    The rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms has revolutionized the way businesses operate, offering convenience, scalability, and cost savings. However, with increased reliance on cloud-based platforms comes the crucial need for robust SaaS backup solutions. Here's why a SaaS backup solution is essential:

    1. Data Loss Prevention: While SaaS providers ensure high availability, they aren't immune to data loss scenarios. Accidental deletions, overwrites, or even malicious actions by employees can lead to crucial data disappearing. A backup solution provides an insurance policy against such inadvertent losses.

    2. Protection Against Cyberthreats: With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, ransomware can target cloud-based applications. By having a backup solution, businesses can restore their data without having to succumb to ransom demands.

    3. Retention and Compliance: Regulatory frameworks often require businesses to retain data for specific periods. A SaaS backup solution can help organizations maintain and retrieve older data versions, ensuring they stay compliant with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA.

    4. Operational Continuity: In rare instances, SaaS platforms might experience outages. A backup ensures that businesses can access their data and continue their operations, even during such disruptions.

    5. Safeguard Against Platform Limitations: Many SaaS platforms have built-in backup or retention policies, but they might not align with a company's specific needs. Relying solely on default backups might not offer the granularity or retention duration that a business requires.

    6. Granular Recovery: With a dedicated backup solution, businesses can retrieve specific items, files, or folders without restoring the entire data set. This granular recovery is invaluable in scenarios where only specific data pieces are compromised or lost.

    7. User Error Recovery: Human errors, such as accidental deletions or data overwrites, are common. With a backup solution in place, these mistakes become easily rectifiable, preventing any long-term consequences.

    8. Data Sovereignty: Backup solutions allow businesses to decide where their backup data resides. This control is particularly crucial for companies that need to ensure data sovereignty for legal or compliance reasons.

    9. Peace of Mind: Ultimately, knowing that there's a safety net in place provides businesses with peace of mind. They can operate confidently, knowing that their cloud data, though intangible, has a tangible safety layer.

    In conclusion, while SaaS platforms offer convenience and robustness, they aren't foolproof. A SaaS backup solution fills this vulnerability gap, ensuring that businesses can leverage cloud benefits without compromising on data safety and availability.
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